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Bubble of Galaxies: Scientists discovered a unique galaxy, ‘form’ of bubble, age 13 billion years

There is much in our universe that remains to be discovered. Now a team of international astronomers has discovered the first bubble of galaxies. It is considered to be a fossil remains after the Big Bang. These findings have been published in The Astrophysical Journal. It is told that the Bubble of Galaxies is 10 thousand times wider than our galaxy. University of Queensland Cullen Howlett, who was involved in the research, says that this ‘bubble’ is a relic of the 13 billion year old Big Bang, when our universe was formed.

The special thing is that the team of astronomers was not searching for this thing at all. But the structure of the ‘bubble’ is so huge that it has already been revealed. Researchers say that it is much larger than many previously discovered structures. In reality, those structures are also part of the ‘bubble’.

It has been told in the findings that the ‘bubble’ is about 820 million light-years away from our galaxy ie Milky-Way. Astronomers call this region the close universe. Astronomers say that this discovery helps in estimating the size of our universe.

Astronomers had no idea that the bubble could be so big. He believes that whatever has been said and written so far about the universe may need to be re-evaluated.

Recently, James Web Telescope, the largest telescope deployed in space, surprised astronomers by showing 45 thousand galaxies simultaneously in one photo. Interestingly, the number of galaxies in the beginning of the universe was around 700. Scientists also discovered galaxies that are 500 million to 850 million years old and were formed after the Big Bang. This period has been called the Epoch of Reionization. This was a time when the entire universe was a cloud of gas.

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