GlobalBusinessmen warn of social crisis in Acapulco

Businessmen warn of social crisis in Acapulco

Acapulco is on the verge of a social, economic and health crisis due to the lack of support from the federal government, said businessmen and opposition leaders who criticized the presidential lack of interest in knowing the reality in the port after the devastation of Hurricane “Otis.”

The National Chamber of Commerce warned that at least 300 micro and small businesses are at risk of disappearing due to looting and the lack of incentives on the part of the federal, state and municipal governments to rebuild.

In this context, since the afternoon of Thursday and Friday, workers from the Elcano hotel who announced that it does not have resources to face the reconstruction and will enter a pause of at least two years, began a series of protests.

On several roads that converge to Acapulco, such as the viaduct that connects with the highway to Mexico, this Friday, for about three weeks at least a thousand people, residents of fishing areas, rural areas and popular neighborhoods, came out with cards to ask for water and food. .

In this regard, the PRI senator, Manuel Añorve, He stated that there are complaints from citizens about the appearance of diseases such as cholera, dengue and hepatitis among the Acapulqueño population, which run the risk of becoming pandemics due to the lack of medicines and damage to hospital infrastructure.

“The crisis in Acapulco is worsening, because in addition to the outbreak of diseases and the closure of businesses, the employment crisis must be added, since hotel workers have received layoff notices due to the employers’ lack of resources to cope. to reconstruction and payment of reparations,” he cited.

He said that it is urgent for the federal government to launch a non-refundable credit program that helps alleviate the crisis suffered by micro and small hoteliers, “but above all that it gives workers a way out of their lack of income, because since there is no tourism, they have no way to obtain it.”

“The federal government is not turning around to see that there is a problem of shortage of drinking water in 80 percent of Acapulco, that people are burning the garbage that accumulates in the streets, that diseases such as dengue or chikungunya have appeared” , said.

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