SportsCampazzo and 'Chacho' dance at ALBA

Campazzo and ‘Chacho’ dance at ALBA

Campazzo and ‘Chacho’ dance at ALBA

Real Madrid maintains its dominance in the Euroleague with the performance of its two point guards against the bottom team

MADRID, Nov. 23 (.) –

Real Madrid beat ALBA Berlin (99-75) this Thursday in the tenth round of the Euroleague held at the WiZink Center, a victory with authority thanks to Facundo Campazzo and Sergio Rodríguez, who distributed the game as they pleased.

Chus Mateo’s men played at 80% of their capacity and had no problems against a bottom team that arrived in the Spanish capital with casualties. The Euroleague leader, with an intractable 9-0, handled the match with quality knowing that the rival would have a long time.

Just in case, the start was already good for the whites, a 27-17 scoreline that made things even more complicated for the Germans. The third quarter was also good for Madrid, where they recovered the intensity in the game, especially in defense, and moved the ball again.

There, ‘Facu’ and ‘Chacho’ left. The Argentine, 7 points and 13 assists, and the Spanish, 8 and 10, danced for an ALBA that was greatly outclassed by the European champion, a Madrid also hurt by its first defeat of the season last Sunday. Unicaja’s comeback at the Palacio on Goya Street ended with 19 consecutive wins for Chus Mateo’s team, but in the Euroleague they retaliated.

With a 67-51 going into the last quarter, the local team also allowed itself to dose its efforts against an ALBA that pushed as far as it could with Gabriele Procida, Johannes Thiemann and Khalifa Koumadje. Above everyone was a Mario Hezonja (26 points) plugged in from the beginning, while Walter Tavares, without making much noise, finished with a rating of 21.


–RESULT: REAL MADRID, 99 – ALBA BERLIN, 75. (44-33, at half-time).


REAL MADRID: Campazzo (7), Causeur (5), Hezonja (26), Ndiaye (7) and Tavares (11) –starting quintet– Musa (11), Deck (4), Poirier (4), S. Rodríguez (8), Rudy Fernández (3), Llull (7) and Abalde (6).

ALBA BERLIN: Delow (9), Spagnolo (8), Procida (14), Thiemann (12) and Koumadej (8) –starting quintet– Wetzell (4), Schneider (2), Thomas, Mattisseck (8), Samar (8) and Nikic (2).

–PARTIALS: 27-17, 17-16, 23-18, 32-24.

–REFEREES: Pukl, Paternico and Pitsilkas. No eliminated.

–PAVILLION: WiZink Center.

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