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Can you solve this puzzle? No one can find the fourth object

The find-the-fourth-object puzzle trend challenges TikTok users to find four different objects in one image.

The “Find the fourth object” meme on TikTok is the latest trend that has millions of users confused. The trend has been around since 2019 and many believe it has been based on mobile game ads that entertain users to watch the ad for as long as possible, making it intentionally complicated.

One image has given TikTok users the task of finding four different objects in a cartoon image: a purple pillow, a white egg, a purple book and a red cup.

In the image of a man and a woman in a bedroom, the woman is seen sleeping on the side of the bed, while the man is seen looking through the curtains.

In one video, TikToker @rana_illusions asked: “Can you find the four hidden objects in this room? The first three may be very easy to find, but I promise you that the fourth is the most difficult.”

TikTok users commented that they had found the first three objects fairly quickly, but had problems with the cup.

“I found everything, but I didn’t find the cup,” one person wrote.

Another person said: “I found the pillow, the egg and the book. “I can’t find the cup.”

But it may be because of the game design that users have a hard time finding the fourth item. Many suspect that the fourth object, or known as ““crutch” or “muleta” in Spanish, is always missing in this type of puzzle to increase user participation.

In another game of the fourth item, the fourth is missing, while the previous three are relatively easy to find.

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