GlobalCelia Lora breaks the silence about the alleged romance with Lizbeth Rodríguez

Celia Lora breaks the silence about the alleged romance with Lizbeth Rodríguez

A few weeks ago the rumor about an alleged romance between Celia Lora and Lizbeth Rodríguezso there was much speculation about whether the models would be in the middle of a courtshipand they hinted at it on social networks, where The messages of love between the two were evident.

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However, Alex Lora’s daughter decided to break the silence and through her social networks clarified if she really has a relationship with the former host of Badabumafter the latter assured that both had not wanted to share details about their courtship and that it was not about publicity, since They were genuinely in love.

So, Celia used her TikTok account to send a strong message where she denied everything said by Lizbeth Rodríguez and she assured that they are just good friends and that for now she is single and plans to stay that way for the rest of her life, because she really enjoys traveling in the sun, being alone, calm and being an independent woman.


Did April Fool’s Day come early??? I don’t hang out with ANYONE END

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“This has already gotten out of control… I can’t believe I’m making this video,” he began saying in the video, ensuring that it was already necessary to put an end to all the rumors that have been made around his alleged relationship with Lizbeth and said that I couldn’t believe how far everything had gone.

“It seems incredible to me that whatever they say about me, everyone automatically believes it… I don’t hang out with anyone, with absolutely anyone,” he said.

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Celia explained that Lizbeth is her friend and that she loves her, and she also clarified that she has only been her collaborator.and they have created adult content together, as she has done with other models with whom she has only had a professional relationship.

In the video she was very punctual in stating that she is alone and that’s how she wants it, which is why she asks that this attention, which she claims she has not asked for, be better used for other topics of interest, and added that for now she is traveling enjoying concerts.

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