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Cervical Cancer Vaccine: There is a restriction of age, but… Cervical cancer Till what age can one take HPV vaccine | . News

Why is this vaccine necessary in India? According to a study, one out of every five cases of cervical cancer worldwide occurs in India. This means that every year thousands of women fall prey to this disease. This is the reason why vaccination is being promoted to prevent this disease.

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When can the vaccine be administered? Doctors say that although the maximum effect is obtained by taking the vaccine between 9 and 14 years, but this vaccine can be given up to 26 years or maximum up to 45 years. Especially if you have not been infected with HPV virus till now, then this vaccine can benefit you.

Even after vaccination, testing is necessary Whether you have been vaccinated or not, it is very important to get checked for cervical cancer regularly. Due to this, this disease can be detected and treated in its early stages.


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