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chilean mining crisis 2010 and rescue amid uttarkashi tunnel rescue – When workers were evacuated from the mine after 69 days, even NASA landed; The campaign was very complex, Videsh News

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These days, the case of laborers trapped in the tunnel of Uttarkashi is in the headlines these days. Efforts to save these laborers are being carried out with full dedication. Hopefully all of them will be taken out very soon. Meanwhile, an old case has become fresh where 33 laborers were trapped in a mine in a similar manner. These workers could be evacuated after 69 days and NASA also helped in this complex operation. Even today, the efforts made during this rescue operation are highly appreciated.

case of year 2010
This incident took place in northern Chile in 2010. Then 33 laborers were trapped in the gold mine here. These people were 2300 feet below the ground. The accident occurred on August 5, 2010 when the main ramp of the mine broke. Due to this, the workers inside remained inside. Initial rescue efforts had failed and the route being prepared to evacuate the workers was blocked. After this, communication with the people trapped inside was not possible. Then a surprise occurred. On August 22, the workers trapped inside sent a letter and people came to know that he was alive.

NASA and Chilean Navy experts
After this the rescue efforts gained momentum. Somehow water and some other light substances were being given to the workers. The defending teams were pretty hi-fi. Not only were NASA experts involved, but also experts from the Chilean Navy Submarine were also involved. These people handled the physical and psychological challenges of the workers trapped inside. Plans A, B and C were made for rescue operations. All three plans included construction of a path to reach the workers through drilling.

Three plans were made
Two holes were to be made in Plan A and B. They had to start small and then grow bigger. At the same time, Plan C involved cutting 1969 feet of rock and the earth’s surface. The drilling machines that were being used in this rescue mission were not ordinary machines. Plan A was using the Rays Borer Strata 950, which is used to build ventilation shafts in the mine. In Plan B, Schramm T-130 was being used which is generally used in water boring. Apart from this, Plan C was using Rig 421, which does oil drilling.

so much money was spent on gambling
A total amount of about 10 to 20 million dollars was spent in this rescue operation. This rescue operation, which started on October 13, 2010, is considered one of the most complex rescue missions in the world. The first laborer brought out was Florencio Antonio Silva. The last worker was foreman Luis Alberto. These workers, who spent 69 days inside the mine, were considered a symbol of hope and patience. After the rescue, many workers were given allowances. Of these, 14 were given pension at the rate of $540 per month.

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