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Chinese astronauts were coming to Earth from space, there was a hole in their parachute, what happened next? know

A major accident involving Chinese astronauts was averted. He could have even lost his life. It so happened that the return capsule in which the astronauts of China’s Shenzhou 16 team were coming back to Earth by parachute, got a hole in it. Despite this, everyone landed safely. This team was returning to Earth after spending about 5 months in space. All were coming to Earth from Tiangong Space Station. The special thing is that China’s government media was telecasting the astronauts’ landing live.

According to the report of, China Central Television was telecasting the arrival of Shenzhou 16 crew to Earth on October 30. It is said that a hole in the parachute was visible in some video footage. Inside the capsule were Shenzhou 16 mission commander Jing Haipeng and his crewmates ‘Zhu Yangzhou’ and ‘Gui Haichao’.

It is said that such a big hole in the parachute had never been seen before. However, this did not cause any hindrance in the mission. It is said that the capsule landed safely at the Dongfeng Landing Site in the Gobi Desert of Inner Mongolia.

According to reports, in such missions, even if the parachute does not work, the crew members still have a backup to survive. They have a backup parachute, which automatically starts working in case of any emergency. However, no official information about any such case has been given by China yet.

The rest of the world has also grappled with the challenge that China faced. During an incident in 1967, the Soviet Union’s Soyuz 1 mission faced a similar complication. Due to this, one of its astronauts had to lose his life. Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has also had to face such challenges.

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