GlobalChurch develops National Peace Agenda to stop violence in Mexico

Church develops National Peace Agenda to stop violence in Mexico

MEXICO CITY (–The Catholic weekly Desde la fe assured that “violence in Mexico continues and young people are trapped by the violent shadows that surround our national reality.”

To counteract this violence, in its edition this Sunday it highlighted that various actors in society agreed to use dialogue as a strategy to “build peace without respite,” as part of the agreement reached in the National Dialogue for Peace, held in September 21 to 23 in Puebla.

The information organ of the Archdiocese of Mexico affirmed that the disappearance of Roberto, Uriel, Diego, Dante and Jaime, the young people kidnapped in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco; and the “macabre display of how they were forced to attack each other, shook us all.”

He added: “We witnessed, through social networks, how a group of young university students, without inhibitions, attacked another young man. Although they are different violences, in the end, they are expressions of the shadows in which we are immersed and that take away our peace.”

He also remembered the “violent death of the Jesuits Javier and Joaquín, and of Pedro Palma, loving father and husband.”

According to the weekly, the “most serious expression of our crisis is that these and other violent scenes seem only capable of moving us for a few days and are no longer incapable of mobilizing us to act and demand justice. “This is how social indifference, one of the greatest obstacles to peace, is being installed in our daily lives.”

As part of the resistance “to indifference and losing hope,” he highlighted the holding of the National Dialogue for Peace, convened by the bishops of Mexico, the Conference of Religious, the Commission of lay people of the Church and the Jesuits.

According to the editorial of Desde la fe, this dialogue resulted in the creation of a National Peace Agenda, which included what was reflected during 15 months in the 1,002 Conversations for Peace and the 50 justice and security forums held in the 32 entities of the country.

With all this, he recalled, the National Peace Network was formed, with which, he said, “we will go together, as brothers to demand truth and justice, and to build peace. The dialogue will continue, it is our strategy and we are not going to stop; “We feel called to relentlessly build peace.”

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