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Claudia will continue AMLO’s security strategy; promises to consolidate the National Guard

ZACAPU, MICH.- The presidential candidate of the “Let’s Keep Making History” coalition, Claudia Sheinbaum assured that, if she manages to govern the country, her security strategy will be focused on consolidating the National Guard so that the army stops participating.

“We must consolidate the National Guard, and “To the extent that the elements of the Secretariat of National Defense are consolidated, the army will stop participating in security.”he considered in a panel of national and local media after his event with militants.

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He explained that as long as the National Guard and the state police are not consolidated, the army must continue to fulfill its function since “otherwise the populations will be left helpless.”

The former head of Government mentioned that We must work with the prosecutor’s offices of each entity and the Judiciary, since he gave as an example that when a criminal is detained there are a series of protections for his release.

“It also has to do with the prosecutors doing their job because that is where the investigation files come from and with the collaboration of the Judiciary, even if there is autonomy, since it is important that the Judiciary assumes its responsibility in the pacification of the country”indicated Sheinbaum Pardo.

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Morena’s presidential candidate mentioned that there must be a comprehensive strategy to serve young people and thus insecurity.

“Security work also has to do with a comprehensive strategy, addressing the causes, access to rights for young people, as it is the main way to address insecurity and at the same time zero impunity,” she commented when questioned about her security strategy for becoming president.

When questioned about whether there are candidates who have been threatened, Sheinbaum said that the Government of Mexico must intervene to support the National Electoral Institute (INE) so that they have the conditions for the elections to take place.

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At the rally in the Plaza Cívica Morelos, where she was received with a clean with copal and offerings of fruit and bread, Sheinbaum assured that the opposition does not understand that Mexico has already changed in the face of criticism that in polls he appears 35 points ahead of Xóchitl Gálvez, candidate of the Frente Amplio por México.

“AND the survey that comes out today 35 points above second place and those in front, who by the way change their name every day, the broad front, the front that is of hearts and I don’t know what many things, are the PRI and the PAN as always and what is left there for the PRD, are the PRIAN, those They cannot understand, they say, but how is it possible that Morena, the PT, and Green are so high in the polls, they cannot understand that the country has already changedhe explained.

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