GlobalCleaning work causes a leak in the Healthy Water line

Cleaning work causes a leak in the Healthy Water line

During the work to drain or clean the pipe that will connect to the Nazas tank to supply the western sector of Torreón through Agua Saludable, yesterday Friday a spectacular leak was recorded that alerted motorists who were driving on the La Comarca bridge in Lerdo, where the line passes.

It was shortly before 5:00 p.m. yesterday, Thursday, that a large “fountain”which reached several meters in height, which even surpassed said vehicular bridge near the community of El Huarache, alerted drivers who did not miss the opportunity to record the moment with their cell phone.

Ignacio Ramírez, head of the Lerdo Drinking Water and Sewage System (Sapal), said that the work did not cause any problems in the pipes that will supply the municipality. since it was registered only in the one that will serve Torreón.

“They are cleaning the pipe that goes to the Nazas del Simas tank, it is a release due to the pressure it has, it looks bulky, They opened it to start cleaning the line that goes to the Nazas tank that goes to Torreón“, explained city official Lerdo.

And the event recalled the leak that occurred early Tuesday morning, eight hours after the liquid had been injected into the Sapal pipes to begin supplying the population.which forced delivery to be suspended.

The head of Sapal expected that liquid would be injected into the network yesterday afternoon, but it would be gradual, in order to avoid incidents such as the large leak that occurred very close to the El Centauro neighborhood.

“The technicians come with a valve they put in to control the pressure, they just calibrate it, and we inject it into the network again.”said the head of the supply system.

According to Ramírez, first 100 liters per second would be injected and they would wait a few hours and if no incident was recorded, 50 more liters per second would be injected. “We are not going to go like this, little by little until we reach the endowment that they are going to give me”said the owner, remembering that for Lerdo the provision will be 400 liters per second.

Mayor Homero Martínez commented last Wednesday that no supply well would be taken out of operation until it was certain that there would be no more incidents during the provision of liquid through Agua Saludable, in order to avoid problems of shortages for citizens. like those recorded last weekend, when four wells were put into operation due to the supposed arrival of ASL.

A large ‘fountain’ reached several meters high, which even surpassed the La Comarca vehicular bridge in Ciudad Lerdo. (GUADALUPE MIRANDA / THE CENTURY OF TORREÓN)

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