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CM gives manohar mantra to youth for success – dainiktribuneonline.com

Chandigarh, 14 November (Trinew)

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar directly interacted with the youth of the state and gave them a message to succeed in life by moving forward in a positive direction. He said that the youth should believe in themselves and maintain positivity. Whatever opportunity you get in life, take advantage of those opportunities and make your important contribution to the upliftment of family, society and nation. This is the true purpose of life. The Chief Minister was directly communicating with youth aged 24 to 25 years through audio conferencing as part of CM’s special discussion program in Chandigarh on Tuesday.

During the dialogue, the Chief Minister gave a 20-point mantra to the youth to succeed in life. He said, in this age group, there are many types of thoughts in the mind, so before doing anything in life, you must think in the mind. जीवन में आक शब्द सबके सामाना आता है, वो है मुष्चिल. We have to believe that difficulty is not something but we have to take it as a challenge and face it, only then we get success. There will be obstacles in life, but you have to overcome those obstacles and move forward.

In this age, drug addiction, criminal association, lack of direction, violence, etc. lead the mind to wrong paths, and avoid it. We have to get out of these ways and make a strong personality. Keep yourself safe and inspire others in a positive direction. Not only this, the weaker section of the society also needs to be protected. He said to the youth, we should not imitate others. Different genes and nutrition make us unique. We should become the best in the work we are good at. Along with this we should learn teamwork.

CM said, We will be able to take full advantage of our skill only when we have people-skill. Many people have to work together even for small tasks. Chief Minister said that our thinking should be positive. There should be enthusiasm in the heart and excitement in the mind. There should be a desire to do something in life. You will be desperate, you will think negatively and it will not be good. For positive thinking in life, it is important that we do yoga regularly, keep good habits and learn new things. Travel to new places, meet new people. Our self-confidence will grow stronger with each new experience, and we will be able to cope with the challenges firmly.

Work for building society

The Chief Minister told the youth about the use and caution of social media that today social media has become very useful. It is used by mischievous people to spread anger. We have to avoid their deception. We have to stray from the path. Apna Bhagya is in your hand. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t hesitate to take risks. Be grateful to those who spend their time, resources and influence on you. Instead of bad-mouthing new ideas, try to make them work.

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