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Coffee-flavored suffrages

The Presidential advisor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Guadalupe Taddei Zavalastated that the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF) could still order the body to initiate an investigation into the “bot war.”

Let’s make a simile with the unprecedented processes of the parties. If by ruling of the Superior Court a procedure will have to be carried out, we will have to do it, and perhaps that will be the first step that has to be taken. We will have to see how it works

he declared in an interview with the media.

Questioned about the President’s claim regarding the latest determinations that emanated from the Complaints and Reports Commissionthe counselor explained that the conclusions reached are in accordance with the legal framework under which the INEand therefore requirements must be met, such as those explained a day before by the president of the Commission, Claudia Zavala.

“We must be sensitive to concern, yes, but we must fundamentally address our legal and legal framework and what it allows us and does not allow us to do… How does the electoral authority intervene, balance and generate equity?, that is the path that should be sought. Let us not forget that the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Court always has the last word,” she said.

At this time, he explained, there is no regulation in this regard, as he commented that there are ways in which the INE You can receive complaints and try to proceed with it.

This Friday, the counselor led the signing of an agreement with FEMSA so that from the commercial chain OXXO collaborate to disseminate information about the electoral process and encourage citizen participation.

As part of this, the chain committed to Give an American coffee to people who cast their vote on June 2; In addition, facilities will be provided such as physical spaces in stores for the installation of boxes.


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