GlobalCome Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas heading to the altar!

Come Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas heading to the altar!

Mexico City.– That he already has a diamond ring, that his friends do see him getting married because his girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas, is a great woman and has marked an important change in his life… because of all this, Luis Miguel already smells like a wedding.

Precisely because he has become a brighter “Sun” both on stage and personally, Carlos Bremer, a friend of the idol, declared that he sees the singer, 53, walking towards the altar with his Spanish girlfriend, 51.

“It was the perfect match for Luis Miguel,” said Bremer.

The president of the Board of Value Grupo Financiero, and one of the Mexican businessmen who formed a trust to help Micky, pointed out that he knows the singer’s partner well, as well as his father, the Spanish businessman Victoriano Valencia, and believes that they can form a solid marriage.

“I wish… it would be very good for Luis Miguel,” he said when asked if he sees them getting married.

If you want the singer to take this important step, it is because you have witnessed the positive change in his life since he became the designer’s boyfriend.

“He is a great person, and I have seen him much stronger and much more complete with her by his side. Very much in love,” he said.

Bremer is not the only one close to the unmarriageable Mexican idol who wants to see him as a true family man. Also Antonio Pérez Garibay, father of the pilot Sergio “Checo” Pérez and friend of the “La Bikina” singer, wants to see him united with Paloma.

“I also want a wedding even if they don’t invite me,” said Pérez Garibay, in a telephone interview.

The businessman and politician shared that he knows that there is already a ring that could mark the commitment between the couple.

“I found out that he already has a ring from a very important diamond brand, a very recognized brand worldwide, I could say that it is the number one brand, but the only thing I can tell you to this day is that Luis Miguel has a wonderful wife,” he said.

Micky, who according to the Spanish press gave his girlfriend 500 roses on the occasion of her 51st birthday, celebrated on Monday, is also completely liked by his father-in-law.

Bremer reiterated that the singer is a good human being.

“He is a great person, who very few people know, very introverted, but he is great: the greatest artist there is in Mexico,” he declared.

“(His return) has been incredible. I am the proudest, the happiest of that. He deserves it. That great partner he has now makes him stronger, all of that is important.”

It will be fate that determines whether Luismi will take the next step in his courtship and make a wedding a reality.

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