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‘Come on Justin Trudeau, your time is up’, Canadian PM slammed in foreign media amid tension with India

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After the expulsion of the Indian diplomat from Canada, India has also retaliated by expelling the Canadian diplomat from New Delhi. This has further increased the bitterness in relations between the two countries. On the other hand, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being criticized in the foreign media. Canadian-born journalist Andrew Mitrovica has criticized Trudeau’s work in a column written in ‘Al Jazeera’ and said that his time is now over and he should now give up his love for Canada.

In an Al Jazeera article titled ‘Go away, Justin Trudeau, your love affair with Canada is over’, Andrew Mitrovica wrote, “In 2015, when Justin Trudeau became prime minister with a landslide at the age of 43, it was said That former President of the United States John F. Kennedy has been reborn in Canada, young, vibrant and charismatic.”

Foreign media and many angry international media, notably the New York Times, then praised the Trudeau-led government as a moral leader of the free world. The young Trudeau then emerged as an alternative to the decade-old Conservative government. Under the Conservative Party government, bureaucracy had suppressed people. His Liberal Party government is entering its eighth year, but within seven years of its journey, the magic of its popularity has ended.

What is the demand of Khalistan? The 75 year old strong relationship between India and Canada is burning in the fire.

Andrew Mitrovica has written that now Trudeau’s enthusiasm has waned. Scams have started coming to light in his government also. Arrogance is now taking over his familiar style. As his popularity has turned to hostility, change in Canada now seems inevitable. Mitrovica has also targeted the Canadian Prime Minister on the point that his foreign policy is going off the rails. Mitrovica said the junior Trudeau should also learn from his father and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Trudeau was worried about losing the government and his chair due to the recent anger against the government. He faced a troublesome caucus. In fact, Trudeau is hesitant in governing because he did not get an absolute majority in the 2019 elections. He needed 170 seats to form the government but his Liberal Party won only 157 seats. Then he was supported by pro-Khalistan Jagmeet Singh’s party NDP. It had 24 MPs. After the election, Singh and Trudeau signed a confidence-and-supply agreement. This agreement will remain in force till 2025.

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