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Conflict in Sudan: Risking lives to bury the dead in Omdurman – . .

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The army and the Rapid Support Forces are constantly fighting for control of the bridges in Omdurman

  • Author, Zainab Muhammad Saleh
  • Role, BBC Khartoum

As Sudan’s war between the army and paramilitaries dramatically escalated, my family buried my 84-year-old grandmother as bullets flew overhead in a cemetery in Omdurman, across the Nile from Khartoum.

My grandmother had diabetes and her blood pressure dropped, but we could not take her for treatment because Omdurman, where millions of people still live despite the mass exodus out of the city, has only one functioning hospital, while the rest of the hospitals have been looted or kidnapped by Before the fighters.

The hospital only receives patients who were injured in the war, and there are many of them, as bullets, bombs and shells rain down on residential neighborhoods every day. As a result, patients are no longer receiving treatment at Omdurman Hospital.

Because my grandmother did not receive proper treatment, her condition quickly deteriorated.

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