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Congress got another issue after old pension, will BJP’s tension increase in 2024? Rahul Gandhi gave hints

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The UP unit of the Congress had recently announced that it would agitate for the demand of conducting caste census and increasing OBC reservation. When the Congress made this announcement in the meeting of the OBC unit, it was seen in a different way. The reason for this was that till now the Congress had remained silent on this issue. But with the demand for OBC reservation and caste-wise census, now the Congress seems to be coming in a new look and attitude. Ever since the Narendra Modi government came to power, Rahul Gandhi has been calling it a suit-boot government or a government that benefits two friends. For the last one year, he had besieged the BJP a lot on Adani as well.

Rahul Gandhi may have been aggressive by taking the name of Adani-Ambani, but he did not seem to get any benefit. Even on issues like Rafale deal, he could not make a mark in public. Now the Congress seems to be changing its course. The reason behind this is believed to be the move to implement the Ahinda card in Karnataka and the old pension scheme in Himachal Pradesh. In Karnataka, the Congress got good votes of Dalits, Muslims and OBCs. This is the reason why instead of raising issues like capitalism, government of industrialists, she is now talking about reservation, Muslim oppression and atrocities on Dalits.

The condition of the country’s Muslims is like Dalits, Rahul said in the US; ruckus on the statement

Rahul Gandhi has also given indications of this new strategy of the party by going to America. Rahul Gandhi, who arrived on a 6-day US visit, said in California that the BJP-RSS government is attacking India’s lifestyle. The Idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia and the Constitution are being hurt. Not only this, he also said that today India is no longer a good place for Dalits, tribals, minorities and the poor. Not only this, while demanding caste census, Rahul Gandhi said that it would be like doing X-ray of India. This will help in understanding the population of the country and how resources can be distributed.

‘The condition of Muslims is like that of Dalits, they are feeling insecure’

Not only this, Rahul Gandhi also said that Muslims are being tortured and their condition is like that of Dalits. Rahul Gandhi said that Muslims are feeling themselves in danger at this time. He said, ‘Muslims are feeling insecure because they are directly subjected to atrocities. But the same is happening with all the minorities. I guarantee my Sikh, Christian, Dalit and Adivasi brothers must be feeling the same way. Whoever is poor in the country today is troubled and is a victim of oppression.

Old pension and caste census will give tension to BJP?

Political experts believe that raising the issue of Dalit, Muslim and insisting on caste census is the changed strategy of Congress. Actually, the public was not connecting with it by telling the government of corporate houses and rich. Apart from this, there was no such community, which was seen completely with the Congress. In such a situation, the Congress first raised the issue of the old pension scheme to help the working class. He saw its benefits in Himachal. Then the Ahinda card was played in Karnataka, which resulted in victory. In such a situation, she wants to move on the issue of old pension and caste census for 2024. He feels that by this a large section will be seen standing in his support.

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