GlobalCongress will debate today the PSOE investigation commission for emergency contracts in...

Congress will debate today the PSOE investigation commission for emergency contracts in the pandemic

The Plenary Session of Congress will debate and vote this Thursday on the creation of the commission promoted by the PSOE to investigate irregularities in the purchase of masks and anti-Covid material by the Government and other administrations during the coronavirus pandemic. It was at the end of February, after the ‘Koldo case’ came to light in which an advisor to the then socialist minister José Luis Ábalos was involved, when the socialists registered this commission. With it, they intend to examine the contracts for anticovid material of the General State Administration for four months and also review the contracting procedures of other administrations. Its debate was included in the plenary session this Thursday and it is expected that it will go ahead with the support of Sumar and the investiture partners, who have claimed on numerous occasions their willingness to investigate everything that is necessary. The PP has already announced that it does not intend to support it because it trusts more than what has been created in the Senate regarding the ‘Koldo case’ and its ramifications. For its part, Vox, which has given its approval to that of the Upper House, has already decided to vote against that of Congress, alleging that in the PSOE they are not “qualified” to demand responsibilities and only seek to “spread doubts.” THEY WANT TO SEEK RESPONSIBILITIES In the registered initiative, the socialists set as their first objective “to establish the facts, responsibilities and lessons on the conditions under which the contracting processes for the acquisition of medical supplies by the entire General Administration were carried out. of the State and its different organizations”. But it also seeks to “investigate the procurement procedures carried out in the different public administrations” in order to “study and evaluate possible modifications to state legislation on public procurement to prevent irregularities from appearing in the future.” And this is where the socialists intend to take the opportunity to summon regional presidents of the PP, such as Isabel Díaz Ayuso from Madrid, whose partner is being investigated for tax fraud after collecting commissions on the sale of anticovid material. But this Wednesday Junts announced that it wants to call Salvador Illa, then Minister of Health and now Socialist candidate for the Generalitat, because he holds him responsible for this corruption for not knowing about it or for condoning it. IN 2020 AN INVESTIGATION WAS REJECTED In 2020 it was the PP that asked to create a Joint Commission (Congress-Senate) to investigate hiring in the months of the pandemic, but then the PSOE and its allies rejected it. What was created was a study commission to approve recommendations for “reconstruction” after the pandemic. As explained by the PSOE in its initiative, reported by ., the coronavirus pandemic revealed that “the resources available to public health, civil protection and social services at that time” were “dramatically insufficient and inadequate” and public administrations “were overwhelmed by the peremptory demand for all types of protective material”, in a market with “limited suppliers”. In this context of “enormous” demand and reduced supply, “exceptional rapid public procurement mechanisms” were put into practice that tempered some controls in order to speed up procedures. “With fewer controls, fewer guarantees and more risks,” admits the PSOE. “OPPORTUNISTS, OPPORTUNISTS AND CRIMINALS”, BUT WITHOUT NAMES And recognizes that “during those dramatic months, opportunists, profiteers and criminals also appeared” of whom there has been knowledge “during recent years”, without making any allusion to the Koldo plot García Izaguire. “Any irregularity or crime in public procurement is always intolerable, but the use for personal gain of that drama of the pandemic that took the lives of so many men and women is especially reprehensible,” he proclaims. For all these reasons, the PSOE considers it “essential” that Congress constitute an Investigation Commission that, within a period of four months, “clarifies facts, circumstances and responsibilities regarding the circumstances in which the acquisition of material was carried out. health during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Public Administration”.

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