GlobalCorona Capital 2023: Blur, a closing with nostalgia, Britpop and Featherweight

Corona Capital 2023: Blur, a closing with nostalgia, Britpop and Featherweight

The British band Blurafter a long break on the Mexican stages, returned yesterday and did so on the main stage of the Crown Capital 2023 offering a closing of the second day of the festival full of nostalgia, Britpop, evolution and a clear nod to success “She dances Alone”of Featherweight.

The group with its music managed not only to reconnect with its audience, but through its performances, Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree They managed to ensure that on Saturday night and part of Sunday morning their fans remembered old times and ended up hugging or singing with people who at the beginning of the show were strangers to them and by the middle of the show they seemed to be great friends, because the music too unites and the of Blur even more.

Blur’s presentation began at 11:30 p.m.with fans who were already eager to see the band and gathered an hour before, there were around 80 thousand souls.

The first song that played was “The Ballad”, from their ninth studio album that they released only in June 2023 after eight years of not having gone into the studio to record. Albarn was at the piano and immediately won the applause and ovationsalong with the rest of the members of the group.

Then Albarn stopped to sing “St. Charles Squarejust like their most recent album to show that they are a band beyond Brit pop.

If the previous songs kept the public calm, but excited, with “Popscene”of the Modern Life is Rubbish, from ’93, the nostalgia and the desire to jump and dance began. In this song Albarn took a megaphone to distort his voice and make certain sounds.

Blur immediately took us out of the nineties nostalgia again with “Barbaric”, the theme of their last album; and then drag us to 2014 with “Beetlebum” and then take us to the famous album 13, by 1999, with “Trimm Trabb”, already with Albarn on guitar, demonstrating that he is one of the most outstanding musicians of today; and then it rang “Villa Rosie”which most of his fans chanted.

Once again the group took us out of the nineties with “Goodbye Albert”, a song in which red, black and yellow balls flew, which the audience was passing. At the end of this song, Albarn took a flag that united that of Mexico and England and put it on his cape, then he sat down at the piano and began to play very briefly a part of “She dances Alone”, by Peso Pluma, some caught the music and others didn’t, but everyone applauded and in the end the artist commented “I love this song.” With this gesture the vocalist confirmed what he had already declared before, that he like music of one of the greatest exponents of the lying corridos.

Then, unexpectedly, came the classic “Coffee & TV”which made this second day of the Crown Capital Several wore t-shirts with the iconic blue and white milk box or even came dressed like that. Everyone present sang at the top of their lungs.

For “Country House”, the fans raised their arms and with “Parklife”, the audience overflowed with shouts of excitement and among the attendees someone commented “that is the best album”, from that album Blur also gave away “To The End.”

For “Girls and Boys”, the floor vibrated with so many jumps from the fans, just like with “Advert”; and with “This A Low” the magic happened, everyone sang it at the top of their lungs and when it finished, the spirit was so great that the audience continued chanting “This is a low/But it won’t hurt you/When you’re alone/It will be there with you/Finding ways to stay alone”. Albarn stretched his arms enjoying that moment and thanked the audience.

After an hour and a half of the show, Blur said goodbye with another classic from the nineties “The Universal”by that time those who were initially total strangers were hugging or sharing why the band is still in their hearts.


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