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Cowboy launches into the all-road electric bike market: “Our goal is for more and more people to travel by bike”

Adrien Roose, CEO of Cowboy: “We want to prove that we can make a first profit in 2025”

Appearing in 2018, the first Cowboy model (“Classic”) was initially positioned on a resolutely urban, young, sporty and very masculine clientele. A first significant development took place in 2021 with the launch of the Cowboy 4 available in two versions: closed frame and open frame (“Step Through”); this second “ST” version made it possible to expand, for the first time, the addressable market of Cowboy to users seeking greater comfort. Two years later, it was the turn of the “Cruiser” to appear, a model offering a “Dutch” driving position, that is to say more upright, with a raised and curved handlebar, and a wider saddle.

A market potential of 615,000 bicycles

“With the Classic and the Cruiser, we covered the entire urban bike market”underlines Tanguy Goretti, technical manager (CTO) of the Brussels company. Today, with the Cross, we are launching into the “touring” segment, which will allow us to double the market covered by Cowboy”. Adrien Roose, CEO, insists: “Our mission is that more and more people travel by bike and, with the Cross, it will never have been so convenient to leave your car in the garage to enjoy the great outdoors.”


“If we add up the various innovations launched by Cowboy since 2022, we estimate that the size of our addressable market will have increased nearly 20-fold from 2025.”

To this market expansion, we must add the impact of the omnichannel sales strategy adopted by Cowboy in recent months. Until mid-2023, Cowboy bikes were sold exclusively online. “Thanks to Cross and the physical sales network that we are developing (the objective is to reach 500 points of sale this year in the five European countries covered by Cowboy, Editor’s note)we are going to multiply our market potential tenfold,” advances Adrien Roose, CEO. And even more, he says, if we take into account the impact of the Cruiser model coming to market in 2023. “If we add up the various innovations launched by Cowboy since 2022, we estimate that the size of our addressable market will have multiplied by almost 20 from 2025.” Thus, from a potential European market of 33,000 bicycles per year when Cowboy launched, the Belgian manufacturer will increase to a commercial potential of 615,000 bicycles!

The Cross is equipped with a removable battery that offers 50% more autonomy than the Classic and Cruiser models. ©Cowboy

This does not mean that Cowboy sales will follow an exponential curve in the months and years to come… Since its debut in 2018, the company says it has sold 65,000 copies. Which is quite modest, even if Cowboy, like other electric bicycle manufacturers, have been strongly affected by the consequences of the health crisis (logistics and parts supply problems). “The year 2024 will remain difficult for the bicycle industry, believes Adrien Roose. But we remain ambitious. We expect our revenue to grow by approximately 50% in 2024 (the turnover for 2023 has not yet been communicated by Cowboy; it amounted to 41 million euros in 2022, Editor’s note). We should cross the bar of 100,000 bikes sold since our beginnings during 2025”.

More comfortable, more independent

”With the Cross, cover Adrien Roose and Tanguy Goretti, we wanted to innovate, based on the desires and needs of users, by improving autonomy and adding real suspension”. The new model features an inverted front suspension fork and telescopic saddle suspension, which improves riding comfort on rougher terrain. It also stands out with an integrated rear luggage rack and wider tires (60 mm). Above all, it benefits from a new removable 540 Wh battery, a 50% increase in capacity compared to the battery in the Classic and Cruiser models. This results in a range of 60 to 120 km and faster charging.

The Cross benefits from an inverted fork suspension.
The Cross benefits from an inverted fork suspension. ©Cowboy

In terms of connectivity, the Cross mobile application introduces “live challenges”. These are live challenges designed to motivate and entertain cyclists. The Cross benefits, like the other models, from the diagnostic tool Check My Bike, anti-theft technology Find My Bikeas well as features Share My Ride And Predictive Alertsdirectly accessible in Google Maps navigation with voice guidance.

Adrien Roose, CEO of Cowboy: “We are on track to achieve profitability from the summer”

The Cross model, which features the same very refined design of the Classic and Cruiser, is available from March 20 in two versions – open frame or closed frame – and in three satin metallic colors. Its launch price is 3,499 euros; it will then increase to 3,999 euros.

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