GlobalDancing and singing, teacher defends textbooks in the National Palace (video)

Dancing and singing, teacher defends textbooks in the National Palace (video)

A conference on the new textbooks of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) It went viral on social networks due to the unusual presentation of a normal teacher.

During the event, the teacher Ana María Prieto Hernández opted for an unconventional approach to explaining the philosophy behind the new educational materials.

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The peculiar episode occurred on August 16 at a conference held at the National Palace, in which teacher Prieto presented the book “Mexico, greatness and diversity”.

“The wonderful thing about this proposal is that it is no longer finished knowledge, rigid, decontextualized, meaningless, meaningless, but what comes is to transform myself and the community”declared the federal official.

Subsequently, With a choreography that included jumps and dance movements, the teacher defended the change in focus towards an education that promotes collectivity and community work instead of individualism.

“It’s the individualism of ‘I’m here and I do know, and I get a 10 and you get a 5, lero lero maromero. “I am going to be successful and you are not.”Prieto Hernández sang while dancing, emphasizing that the new educational system encourages a collaborative mentality.

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“It’s not that. Now the issue is ‘we are one for all and all for one’”stressed the normal teacher.

The video recently went viral again on social media, and although it has generated ridicule and criticism, it has also sparked debates about innovation in education.

Teacher Prieto not only defended the textbooks, but also also questioned the old focus on competition and qualifications in the education system.

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