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Denisse Guerrero is honest and remembers that Belanova did not say goodbye because ‘there was no time’

Last night, Belanova returned to the stage after six years of absence and did so with a bang by performing at Vive Latinowhere thousands of fans were already eagerly awaiting the band that achieved fame in the early 2000s with songs like “Rosa Pastel” and “Tus ojos.”

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Moments before going on stage, Denisse Guerrero, Édgar Huerta and Ricardo Arreola, offered a press conference where the vocalist explained what happened during her absence which caused thousands of speculations among fans who wondered what had happened to them.

It was then that Denisse was honest and recalled that Belanova did not say goodbye to his audience, because there was not even time to do so, since many things began to happen that affected the band, mainly to its vocalist who went through very difficult things.

“I went through depression, my father was sick, many things happened to me, you don’t plan life, when you give yourself and are honest, life can teach you, those difficult moments were a teacher, now I’m fine, now the storm It’s over and I’m fine now, it’s time to enjoy, those things happen and that’s it, there is no plan,” Denisse said moments before going on stage.

Denisse acknowledged that after six years of not going on stage, the nerves were present and even those sensations are more intense on this occasion in which Belanova returns with everything.

“Ready or not the day has arrived, the day you stop feeling nervous or afraid you have to leave, we are waiting to know what will happen in a couple of hours,” said the singer.

While, Edgar Huerta, Belanova’s keyboardist, also said that after six years without playing, they did not expect everything to turn out well, but simply to go out and reconnect with their audience. and live in the moment.

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About the band’s return and the release of a new album, Belanova acknowledged that there is nothing planned, since this return simply took them by surprise, however, they assured that they would soon be working on new music.

“We are defining, the three of us are in different projects, working on composing, it is part of our personality to make music, we had not planned any presentation, part of the beauty of being a musician is finding yourself in reinvention,” explained Ricardo Arreola, bassist of Belanova.

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