GlobalDeputies of Morena denounced the minister Luis María Aguilar before the FGR

Deputies of Morena denounced the minister Luis María Aguilar before the FGR

MEXICO CITY.- Morenoist deputies Alejandro Robles Gomez and Lidia Pérez Bárcenas announced at a press conference that they filed a complaint against the Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Luis María Aguilarfor violating the interests of the people, by avoiding the collection of almost 40 billion pesos to Salinas Group.

“The Luis María Aguilar case is especially scandalous, it was made public in the morning how the minister asked to bring up the issue of Elektra’s defense, and we are talking about the minister having this case under his desk for practically a year now,” said Robles Gómez, who has also filed complaints against PAN legislators santiago creel and Xochitl Galvez.

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“There are 40 billion pesos, the equivalent of the budgets of some states in our country, or with which we could increase the universal pension by 20 percent,” affirmed the legislator, also famous for announcing that he would “work” the Judiciary.

Robles Gómez is also part of the group of deputies who announced that they would promote an appeal for impeachment against ministers of the SCJN. Although, she previously presented a reform to protect the minister’s title and professional license. Yasmin Esquivelaccused of plagiarizing her thesis.

“Luis María Aguilar has no name, we present a point of agreement so that it is based on the interest of the nation that the Court resolves this case, we have a consensus that it should not go unpunished, so today We went to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic to rectify this complaint, we did the same to inform the Financial Intelligence Unit and the SAT, the Tax Administration Service and the National and Securities Commission itself, and we believe that it is important that these instances be Pay attention, because we already know how these white-collar bosses spend their time.”said Robles Gómez.

“It is precisely through his name-callers, in the style of Genaro García Luna, that this minister must have a relative, a relative, a loved one, precisely through whom he is receiving the bribes, we have the presumption – we are not naive – that this case of tax evasion is helping Salinas Pliego, this minister is doing it, not for free, and that is precisely why we are asking for this investigation, and I hope this minister, Luis María Aguilar, had the decency to leave office to allow the investigation.” .

He added that “The corruption in the Luis María Aguilar case is not from today. He is a minister with a long history of corruption and, furthermore, we are aware of the fact that he is the radical wing of this white-collar group, because the project he had in which he suggested the deposition of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was leaked ”.

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“Not only is he the most corrupt minister, but he is the recalcitrant wing that is in the idea of ​​what is called a judicial coup, and we are not going to let this issue go, we want to make it very clear that all behaviors are evident criminal offenses that this fact of protecting a tax evader in the course of the facts may entail”.

He assured that there are three issues that have been attracted by the SCJN in a very suspicious manner, and that Minister Luis María Aguilar has made them his own, freezing them for almost a year:

1.- requests number 416/2022, for an amount of 25 billion pesos, which with updates, surcharges and fines adds up to the amount of 33 thousand 306 million 476 thousand 349 pesos.

2.- Application number 152/2023 for an amount of 4 thousand 916 million 910 thousand 792 pesos, which correspond to the 2011 ISR, plus updates, surcharges and fines, and

3.- Request number 3721/2023 for an amount of 2 billion 4 million 761 thousand 834 pesos, which gives an approximate result of 40 billion pesos.

Meanwhile, Deputy Pérez Bárcenas added that “What is denounced here would reach not only the budget of autonomous bodies, such as the INAI, but we are talking about pesos that would allow more resources to be allocated to social programs, and we would be covering budgets of some autonomous bodies, and guaranteeing that fulfill their powers in a timely manner.”

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