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Disease detection in 30 minutes! New sensor will detect inflammation and diagnose disease quickly. New Nanosensor Detects Inflammation for Faster Disease Detection | . News

New nanosensor is faster and less expensive Nowadays there are LISA and PCR tests to detect the disease, but these take a lot of time (more than 6 hours) and special training is also necessary to do them. The new nanosensor is much faster and less expensive than these tests.

This sensor can easily detect even substances found in microscopic quantities. It can also be used to make medicines to treat diseases like multiple sclerosis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

This technology is still in development, but so far it has been successful in detecting three inflammatory substances called interleukin-6 (IL-6), interleukin-beta (IL-beta), and TNF-alpha. Till now this sensor has been used only in controlled conditions, but soon it will be used in clinical trials (human trials). This technology can also be used for early detection of diseases like sepsis and fungal infections.

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