GlobalDisney 100 Quiz on TikTok: Answers for Today, November 2

Disney 100 Quiz on TikTok: Answers for Today, November 2

The new Disney 100 quiz on TikTok today, November 2 It was already revealed on social networks and fans have to answer it correctly in order to win the two extra cards to collect all the cards of the most famous characters.

The Disney 100 quiz on TikTok today, November 2, contains questions on different topics, from classics like Cinderella and Tarzan, to more contemporary shows and amusement parks like Gravity Falls.

So if you want to get the cards in today’s quiz, answer all the questions correctly.

Answers to the Disney 100 quiz on TikTok today, November 2

In Gravity Falls, who is the 8 and a half president of the United States?

Correct answer: Sir Lord Quentin Trembley III, Esq.

Which of these lands is NOT in Disney California Adventure Park?

Correct answer: Echo Lake

In the short Paperman, what product made with paper brings together the protagonists?

Correct answer: Paper Planes

In the animated classic Cinderella, how many times does Cinderella’s shoe fall off?

Correct answer: 3

When they were young, Terk challenged Tarzan to…

Correct answer: Get elephant hair

How to get more cards in Disney 100 on TikTok?

Social media users have to follow several steps to be able to get more than two cards from the popular Disney 100 game on TikTok.

In addition to the quiz, fans can open the Disney Plus app; upload a game-themed video; follow one of the official accounts of the mouse company Mickey Mouse; watch a video and more.

Another way to get more cards is by exchanging them with friends or other TikTok users. All you have to do is enter videos of the game and agree with other netizens to do so. This is the easiest way to get the most difficult characters such as Mirabel, Moana and Asha.

There are users who claim that if you use TikTok filters that are about Disney, the game algorithm benefits you with cards that are difficult to draw.

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