GlobalDo aliens really exist? NASA released report, shocking revelations on UFOs

Do aliens really exist? NASA released report, shocking revelations on UFOs

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American space agency NASA on Thursday released a long report about the year-long study regarding UFOs. Many important revelations have been made by NASA in this report. The agency has acknowledged that there is life other than Earth. For a long time, people around the world have been interested in unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Releasing a 33-page report, NASA said the study of UFOs would require new scientific techniques, including modern satellites as well as changes in the way unidentified flying objects are observed. Interestingly, this report comes just days after alleged mummified bodies of aliens, believed to be 1,000 years old, were shown in the Mexican Parliament.

NASA stated that at this point there is no reason to conclude that the current UAP/UFO reports have an extraterrestrial source. UAPs are also commonly called UFOs. However, new reports have described UAPs as one of our planet’s greatest mysteries. During the release of the report, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said that he believes that there is other life (aliens) in the universe. NASA also said it is appointing a new director for research into UAPs, after an expert panel urged the space agency to step up its efforts to gather information about them.

NASA says that there are so few high-quality observations of UFOs that no scientific conclusions can be drawn. The report states that despite numerous sightings, the absence of consistent, detailed and curated observations means that we currently do not have the data needed to draw definitive, scientific conclusions about UAPs. The report notes that NASA’s fleet of satellites generally lacks the spatial resolution to detect relatively small objects like UAPs. Their state-of-the-art sensors can be used to directly probe local Earth, ocean conditions.

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