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Do you also keep animals, careful healthy dogs and cats will get superbug

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A recent research has revealed that super bug spreads from pets to humans, which can also lead to death. Nowadays every second house has some or the other pet, especially dogs and cats. Not only you, but also the children of your colony meet these animals while insisting to play with these animals. This love and affection allows animals to jump and jump all over your house. You are very happy to see them hopping in and out of the house like this, but do you know that your pets can infect you with very dangerous superbugs. Even these superbugs can even kill you. If you don’t know then know. This complete information is very important for you.

If you thought you could get superbugs from sick pets, you are wrong. Healthy dogs and cats can pass multidrug resistant organisms to humans who live with them. Not only this, according to a recent research, humans can also pass multidrug resistant organisms to their pets. Multidrug resistant organisms are bacteria that can respond to treatment with more than one antibiotic and can survive despite antibiotics.

“Our results show that multidrug resistant organisms can travel between humans and domesticated animals,” said Caroline Hackmann from Charite University Hospital Berlin in Germany. They noted, however, that only a small number of cases have been identified in which the multidrug resistant organism present in neither the cat nor the dog owners infected a hospitalized patient.

How bacteria and viruses become drug resistant
Pets can prove to be reservoirs for multidrug resistant organisms, ie their home, and this is a matter of concern for people all over the world. Antimicrobial resistance occurs when drugs designed to kill microbes ie bacteria, viruses and fungi do not show any effect on them or these microbes develop their resistance against them.

In their research, the researchers wanted to find out whether pets like dogs and cats play any role in multidrug resistant infections in hospital patients. The most common superbugs found in hospitalized patients are methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, vancomycin-resistant enterococci, third generation cephalosporin-resistant enterobacteriales, and carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriales. All these superbugs are resistant to multiple antibiotics like penicillin and cephalosporins.

Nasal and rectal swabs were taken from 2,891 patients admitted to Charite University Hospital between June 2019 and September 2022. Of these, 1,184 were patients who were already infected and 1,707 were newly admitted people who had pet dogs and cats in their homes. 30 percent of the people admitted to the hospital were found positive with multidrug resistant organisms. Of those who were found to have multidrug resistant organisms, 11 percent had a dog at home, while 9 percent had cats at home.

Pets also tested
Not only this, throat and stool swab samples of 400 pets were also tested. Of these, 15 percent of dogs and 5 percent of cats were found positive with multidrug resistant organisms. However, the study found significantly lower levels of superbug sharing between hospitalized patients and their pets. Their carriers can spread bacteria in the environment for months and they can infect other people in the hospital who have weak immunity.

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