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Do you eat these 5 white things daily? Be careful, these can cause poisoning of the blood. 5 white foods that can poison your blood, increase the risk of sepsis . News

JaipurPublished: Nov 17, 2023 05:09:24 pm

Blood poisoning or sepsis is a serious disease that causes the body to have such a severe reaction that it can be life-threatening. This disease is usually caused by infection that spreads through the body and reaches the highest organ, causing spread of toxic elements in the organ. This also affects other organs and limbs, which can lead to infection in different parts of the body.

blood poisoning food

Blood poisoning food: These 5 white foods can increase the risk of sepsis, stop consuming them today

Many times the reason for blood poisoning or sepsis is the disturbance in our eating habits. Septicemia can be fatal and sometimes problems like kidney infection, UTI, pneumonia or skin infection occur due to dirt in the blood.

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