TechnologyDo you want to cancel Spotify? Here are 6 cheaper alternatives

Do you want to cancel Spotify? Here are 6 cheaper alternatives

Spotify is one of the services streaming largest in the world: home to more than 70 million songs and, more recently, 2.2 million podcast titles. It is also one of the most popular platforms in terms of number of subscribers. But in the last week, the company has been in the news due to criticism from both users and musicians.

The controversy began when Spotify podcast heavyweight Joe Rogan broadcast misinformation about vaccines several times, prompting Neil Young, and later Joni Mitchell, to remove their entire catalogs from the platform, in solidarity with the medical and scientific communities. In a statement, Young said: “[Spotify] you can have Rogan or Young. Not to both.” The musician’s decision sparked criticism against the platform. streamingwhile a growing number of users canceled their subscription to the service.

The dispute arose in the wake of Spotify’s price increase last year on some of its premium subscriptions, causing many of its roughly 7 million subscribers to have to shell out more to listen to their favorite songs offline, without ads and with unlimited jumps.

This has been the platform’s biggest price increase yet, affecting anyone with a premium family subscription, as well as students, whose fee went from US$6.78 to US$8.13 (£4.99 to £5, 99), and those with a duo subscription, which also increased by US$1.36 (£1) per month.

Whether you’re on Neil’s side or looking to switch services due to rising subscription prices, there are several options that provide as good a browsing and listening experience as Spotify. We’ve rounded up our favorite alternatives below.


Individual plan: US$10.85 to US$13.57 (£7.99 to £9.99)per month

Student plan: US$6.78 (£4.99) per month

Family plan: US$20.36 (£14.99) per month (up to six members)

Free Trial? One-month free trial for new users and three months with the purchase of an eligible product, such as an Echo Dot

Until the price increase, Amazon Music Unlimited was on par with Spotify Premium, but the updated cost makes Amazon Music Unlimited a more attractive option. Plus, their individual subscription is still cheaper than Spotify if you’re a Prime member.

An Amazon Music Unlimited subscription lets you listen to 75 million songs without ad interruptions. If you’re already a Prime member, you have access to 2 million songs from the start. If you have an Amazon Echo Dot ($61.09 [£ 44,99] ) or an Amazon Fire Stick ($40.72 [£ 29,99], there is also a single-device subscription available for US$5.42 (£3.99) per month. And if you buy an Amazon Echo Dot for the first time, you can enjoy 90 days of Amazon Music Unlimited for free.

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Individual plan: US$13.57 (£9.99) per month

Student plan: US$6.78 (£4.99) per month

Family plan: US$20.36 (£14.99) per month (up to six members)

Free Trial? A one-month free trial is offered with a paid subscription

Again, like Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music used to cost the same as Spotify, but now you can pay a little less.

With YouTube Music, you can listen to singles, albums, remixes, live performances, and music videos ad-free, and it offers a mix of playlists based on what you’ve previously listened to.

Subscribers can also download or upload up to 50,000 songs for offline listening.

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Individual plan: US$13.57 (£9.99) per month

Student plan: US$6.78 (£4.99) per month (with the first six months free)

Family plan: US$20.36 (£14.99) per month (up to six members)

Free Trial? A three-month free trial is available for new members

Apple Music is now cheaper than Spotify, having once been on par in terms of price. There are 70 million songs to listen to on Apple Music and, for iPhone users, Apple offers a long three-month trial before committing to a subscription.

A subscription entitles you to ad-free listening and the ability to download 100,000 songs.

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Individual plan: US$16.28 (£11.99) per month

Student plan: US$8.13 (£5.99) per month

Family plan: US$24.43 (£17.99) per month (up to six members)

Free Trial? Three-month free trial for new users

Deezer has a similar model to Spotify in that it’s free if you’re willing to put up with the ads.

In addition to music, there are also podcasts to listen to and you can use the app with an Amazon Echo or Sonos device. There are 73 million songs available to browse.

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Individual plan: US$13.57 (£9.99) (up to three devices)

Free Trial? 30-day free trial with paid subscription

Designed for music producers or people looking for less conventional musicians, SoundCloud has a giant library of 180 million tracks, mostly uploaded directly by artists.

SoundCloud Go+ lets you listen offline and without ads. While it doesn’t have a family plan, the Go+ plan lets you listen on up to three devices.

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Individual plan: US$13.57 (£9.99) per month or US$27.15 (£19.99) per month for Tidal Hi-Fi Plus

Student plan: US$6.78 (£4.99) per month or US$13.57 (£9.99) for Tidal Hi-Fi Plus

Family plan: US$20.36 (£14.99) per month or US$40.72 (£29.99) per month for Tidal Hi-Fi Plus (up to six members)

Free Trial? 90-day free trial for new subscribers

Although the Hi-Fi Plus version of Tidal is still significantly more expensive than Spotify, you can still get the standard subscription for less than this platform.

Tidal stands out as the service streaming with high fidelity sound. It’s the brainchild of rapper Jay-Z and features exclusive songs from artists like Beyoncé and Kanye West. It promotes itself as a music offering lossless that sounds the way the artists intended, and pays artists one of the best streaming rates.

With a standard membership, you can enjoy the library of 60 million songs, but the more expensive Hi-Fi Plus subscription gives you access to lossless audio.

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