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Driver runs over and kills minor motorcyclist; Neighbors try to lynch the culprit, in Saltillo

A young He lost his life in a tragic accident. He was hit while riding his motorcycle to his house. The person responsible was the driver of a truck who ignored a stop sign, then trying to flee when the situation became violent. The people who witnessed the accident tried to lynch the driver, beating him in an attempt to get revenge. However, he managed to escape in his vehicle, leaving behind the tragedy and pain in the family of a 16-year-old boy who was left dead under a personnel transport truck.

The young man’s name was Kevin. He circulated in his motorcycle along Emilio Zapata Street heading north, just a few houses away from reaching your home. At the intersection with Miguel Hidalgo Street, the driver of a truck ran the stop sign while he was heading west, hitting the young man and throwing him to the pavement.

Witnesses claim that the truck showed no signs of stopping at the intersection, causing a brutal impact. Kevin was thrown off violently to the ground, remaining inert under a personnel transport truck, along with his motorcycle.

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It was at that moment that the driver of the truck stopped at the intersection. Kevin’s family and friends, who lived a couple of houses from where the tragedy occurred, they tried to stop the driver and take justice into their own hands. This led to them beginning to damage the van and trying to remove the driver from the vehicle.

The Red Cross paramedics, who arrived at the scene after the accident was reported to treat the young man, unfortunately confirmed his death. Given the situation violentthey decided to withdraw since there was no presence of authorities at that time.

It was then that the driver responsible decided to flee the scene in the truck to protect himself from further attacks. Shortly after, police officers arrived to calm the crowd. family and secure the area of ​​the accident and the deceased young man.

Later, a larger security contingent was deployed to guard the area and begin the relevant investigations to locate the person responsible, who has already been identified. It’s found fugitive and they are seeking to initiate legal action against him.

In addition, the State Attorney General’s Office has begun investigations to proceed with the removal of the young man’s body and transfer it to the Forensic Medical Service. An autopsy will be carried out there to determine the precise causes of his death. death.

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