GlobalEduardo Verástegui: From drama, to activism, friend of Trump and Future president?

Eduardo Verástegui: From drama, to activism, friend of Trump and Future president?

The success of the film ‘Sound of Freedom’ put Eduardo Verástegui in the public eye. His denunciation and rejection of child trafficking from the film he produces has earned him controversy, criticism, and support in the United States and Mexico.

Precisely in his native country and where he began his artist career is where he now Verástegui assures wanting to work and do something for the people, mainly the children.

With the help of a production team, experts on the subject, Verástegui began the mission of this activism and sometimes religious.


A month ago his work was consolidated with the film in which he not only acts alongside the American Jim Caviezel, sbut it also produces It is directed by Alejandro Monteverde and seeks to be a protest against the trafficking of children, especially Latino children.

The film based on the true story of police officer Tim Ballard, has positioned itself as one of the strongest at the box office, it has also received a lot of criticism against the filmmakers for considering that This is a campaign that promotess far-right ideals.

”This film is already doing its thing, it is already flying very high, they can’t knock this movement down anymore. They can take me down, they can take down Tim Ballard, They may knock down Jim Caviezel, Alejandro Monteverde, but the film is already flying so high that the crows don’t affect it,” Verastegui defended in an interview with El Universal.


And after becoming an activist and showing his political interest by being part of groups such as Conservative Political Action (CPAC) and supporting figures such as the former president of the United States Donald Trump, who suggested that Eduardo would be the next president of Mexico. TONow the actor consolidates this facet with his registration as a candidate.

”I do dream of a Mexico that allows God to be the center of our nation, I do dream of the day that no migrant has to leave our country due to necessity and lack of opportunities, I do dream of a country where we recognize that we are all equal in dignity and life is respected from conception until natural death,” said Verastegui after his registration.

He began in 1993 as a member of the youth group, Kairo. Eduardo was studying at the Televisa Artistic Education Center (CEA), when one of his classmates, Francisco Zorrila, encouraged him to join the group in which, in addition to the two of them, Paul Forat also sang. Later, Paulo César Quevedo, Roberto Assad and Gabriel Soto joined, with the latter Verastegui establishing a friendship that still remains.

“Tell her that I love her” and “Talk to me about you” were some of the hits that kept Kairo in the music industry for six years. In addition, due to their popularity, they managed to be the group that sang the main theme of the soap opera.My dear Isabel”, starring Karla Álvarez and Ernesto Laguardia; That’s when Verastegui got hooked on television and began to pursue his role as an actor.

Two years later he was part of the soap opera “Soñadoras”, where he played Manuel, a young man who had problems with drugs. There he met the person who then became his girlfriend.not only in fiction, but also in reality: Aracely Arámbula.

“We had a great time recording the soap opera and then I went to Miami,” he said during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in which He preferred not to give many details about their love relationship.

At the beginning of 2001 and after his breakup with Arámbula, the actor decided to start working in the United States, where he began as a model in a video clip for Jennifer Lopez.

Then came series like “CSI: Miami” and “Karen Sisco”where he played small roles and starred as Thomas Fuentes in the film “Chasing papi” alongside the Colombian Sofía Vergara.

‘Hechiceras’ was the last appearance he made on American television in 2004, before turning his career around when he decided to begin rejecting projects that did not dignify the image of Latinos in the United States. It was then that he founded, together with the Mexican director, Alejandro Monteverde, Metanoia Films, a production house in which films with a social message were prioritized.

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Verástegui began to formally declare his conservative and religious ideologies, as well as working only on projects that had the family and spirituality as their banner. “Cristiada”, “Little Boy” and “Kevin Can Wait” came. And while that was happening He became involved in some controversies that had to do with some of his opinions social issues such as chastity, abortion, homosexuality and more recently the vaccine against COVIF-19, with which he did not agree.


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