Business'Elaxan Mha Botan Ka Bhat Bhar Dayo Adampur Aalyo' -

‘Elaxan Mha Botan Ka Bhat Bhar Dayo Adampur Aalyo’ –

Kumar Mukesh/HP

Hisar 29 April

‘I am the daughter of Adampur, I have given you a handful of rice for marriage…I have given you three feet of rice for the marriage. Adampur Ala Kanai has got very good opportunities to send his daughter to the Delhi Lok Sabha. I, my uncles, brothers and nieces of Adampur, fold my hands and say just one thing, hold your daughter, your sister, your sister-in-law and go to every house of Hisar Lok Sabha and ask for votes. Do more publicity on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and spread the word from door to door.

Similarly, while appealing to the people of his community, JJP candidate from Hisar, Naina Chautala, spoke in typical Bagri tone. She expressed her rights as the daughter of Adampur and said that Dadoli is my village and Adampur is my Kangar Pehar. Being a sister and daughter of Adampur constituency, it is the duty of every person of Adampur constituency to go door-to-door and ask for votes for their sister. Before this, she along with her son Dushyant reached the Cloth Market of Adampur to inaugurate the election office.

Naina Chautala said that everywhere there are at least 30 to 40 percent voters who have nothing to do with politics. Whoever reaches them, they vote for him. Therefore, first of all you people have to reach out to the voters and tell them that this time we have to send our sister, our daughter Naina of Adampur to the Parliament by pressing the button on the key symbol. Naina Chautala said that when you people voted your nephew Dushyant to Parliament in 2014, he did many things for you people. Today if you go to the dhanis of Adampur and ask, every third person will say that Dushyant provided electricity and water to their dhanis. The green and yellow water tankers seen standing at every place of happiness and sorrow are also the contribution of your nephew. Now with the power of your votes, I will reach the Parliament and bring glory to the area and raise the voice of Hisar.

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