LifestyleElderly people should not drink milk, it causes harm to the body.

Elderly people should not drink milk, it causes harm to the body.

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You, we all have seen that if there is an elderly person in the house then he is given a glass of milk to drink in the morning or at night. Drinking milk is good but only for children, elders and old people should not drink milk. If any elderly person is drinking the milk of cow or buffalo, then there is not even an iota of benefit for him except harm. Many people consume dairy products including milk throughout their life but some people are prohibited from consuming dairy products including milk. After all, do you know why it happens that people are prohibited from drinking milk after the age of 60? Some experts consider this to be a fake claim while some consider it to be true. Many people often do this just to mislead people but not everyone gives such advice. Milk causes great harm to the elderly because the milk of cow or buffalo is not suitable for the elderly or for a young person above 5 years of age.

Milk is harmful for old people

Children can drink cow’s milk, they can drink the milk of local cow, but it is absolutely harmful for the elderly. Even if an old man can live a long life, he will suffer from many diseases due to drinking milk, because milk increases cholesterol in us, blockage starts forming from cholesterol and sugar is formed. Sugar increases blood pressure and not only this, it causes thousands of diseases.

there is pain in the knees

Pain in knees also occurs due to drinking milk, because our stomach extracts calcium from the knees to digest the milk of cow and buffalo. Apart from this, many other diseases are caused by milk. Milk is not our food.

17 rings are found in milk

17 rings are found in the milk of cow and buffalo which are unable to flow in our blood vessels. There are 12 rings found in human mother’s milk which are made for our blood vessels only. Everyone’s milk has been created differently by God. Everyone’s milk is beneficial for the child of the person whose milk it is.

lactose allergy

Milk contains lactose, which can cause digestive problems for some people. Especially people who suffer from lactose allergy are more likely to have such problems.

immune affected

Due to milk allergy, the immune system of some people can also be affected. If you want to take milk then take coconut milk, take almond milk, take cashew milk. In these also, you should give more importance to coconut milk, make coconut milk and drink one or two glasses every day.

Coconut milk is second after mother’s milk.

Do you know that coconut milk is second only to mother’s milk in the entire universe? Coconut water is the same thing which is there in mother’s milk, the same thing is there in coconut water. Our body gets everything from coconut milk. But animal milk is poison for our body and is not designed for our body.

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