EntertainmentElon Musk biography: Amber Heard “dragged Musk into a dark whirlwind”

Elon Musk biography: Amber Heard “dragged Musk into a dark whirlwind”

Amber Heard and Elon Musk revealed details about their past relationship in the SpaceX founder’s upcoming biography.

In the biography written by Walter Isaacson, the 52-year-old founder of SpaceX and the actress of Aquaman, 37, open up about their romance, which became official in April 2017. After going public, the couple continued dating on and off in the following months. But, in 2018, the couple ended the relationship permanently.

Los Angeles Times reports that Isaacson wrote that, at the time, Heard—who had just gone through a contentious divorce with Johnny Depp—“dragged [a Musk] to a dark whirlwind” in 2017 “that lasted more than a year and produced deep-seated pain that endures to this day” and that “her brother and his friends fervently hated her.” The author called the time span of their relationship a “hellish” period in Musk’s life.

According to Isaacson, Musk first became interested in the actress after seeing her in Machete Kills, from 2013, and recounted the beginnings of their tumultuous romance in the chapter “Turbulent Relationships” of the biography. Apparently, Musk and Heard met a year later, when she visited SpaceX. In the book, Heard supposedly revealed to Isaacson that she was fascinated by Musk’s work: “I guess you could consider me nerdy for someone you might also call a hot girl.”

During their first meeting, Musk took Heard for a spin in a Tesla when he visited the facility, Isaacson wrote. The author supposedly illustrates the dynamic between the two; He shares intimate details of their courtship and whirlwind romance, including the time Musk flew to Australia in April 2017 to visit Heard while filming Aquaman. There was another occasion in which Heard allegedly commissioned a costume to “play at” Mercy — a character from the video game Overwatch— who Musk said he looked like.

Isaacson also documents some of the more unpleasant aspects of their relationship, such as explosive arguments, including a fight they allegedly had towards the end of their relationship during a trip with his family to South America in December 2017. Although Heard reportedly confirmed to the author After the argument occurred, she also made a point of sharing photos and videos from the rest of the evening, which Isaacson writes showed the actress and the tech mogul sharing a loving New Year’s Eve kiss.

Kimbal Musk, who had been there the night of the argument, told Isaacson that it is “very sad” that his brother “falls in love with these people who are pretty mean to him.” And he added: “They are beautiful, no doubt, but they have a very dark side and Elon knows that they are toxic.”

Elon himself told Isaacson that the relationship he shared with Heard “was brutal.” Heard acknowledged that, although he still loves his ex-boyfriend “a lot,” he tends to be attracted to women who, ultimately, may not be the best for him. “Elon loves fire, and sometimes he gets burned,” he said.

When Isaacson asked him why he tends to fall for these types of women, Musk allegedly laughed and replied, “Because I’m a sucker for love. “I am a fool many times, but especially for love.”

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