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Fans celebrate the romance of Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole with MEMES: ‘he no longer hides the jackal’

It was finally done to Featherweight and Nicki Nicole has already stopped hiding his jackal, because the couple of famous artistss already shouted to the four winds that they are romance and that the corrido tumbados singer is not just the “dog” with which the Argentine reggaeton singer is usually seen everywhere.

The events occurred at Nicki Nicole’s concert at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City, exactly when it was the turn of the song “Por las noches” to play, in which the Argentine invited Peso Pluma to sing on stage.

After the song, Peso Pluma took Nicki Nicole by surprise and gave her a kiss on the mouth, which she received, but after that she removed all gossip and covered her face with her hand.

Between nervous laughter, Nicki told him: “Thank you for coming, love.”to which Featherweight responded, without hesitation“I love you my love”making it clear that Double P is his “dog” but for love.

As expected, fans of Hassan Emilio and Nicki Nicole exploded with joy online, because the famous couple finally stopped hiding their love.

For that same reason, fans of Peso Pluma and the Argentine artist flooded social networks with memes, some celebrating the romance between the singers, while others mercilessly mock the fact that Nicki left after kissing him, as they point out that I really didn’t want to kiss Hassan Emilio.

“She no longer hides her jackal”, “That kiss was forced, Nicki just wanted to look good to the fans”, “some very romantic and hurt collaborations are coming” and “Respect Featherweight please Nicki, he thinks he’s bad, but everything is fine,” they told them.

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