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FAVE prepares uniforms for the 2023 Military Civic Parade; “We produce the best that the Army will use”

The Clothing and Equipment Factory (FAVE) is the agency of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) in charge of manufacturing clothing, footwear, flags, banners and other items for elements of the Mexican Army and Air Force. At forced marches, they are already preparing the uniforms that will be worn during the Civic Military Parade.

Made by soldiers for soldiers, the different uniforms are made in the FAVE Manufacturing workshop; There is the gala, half-gala and the campaign, the new TE3 uniform model, so called because it is “transitional” between three different environmental environments: jungle, desert and mountains. The latter is the most recent and will be the one that most elements use on September 16.

From taking measurements, cutting, embroidering, tailoring and laser foliation, more than 200 elements carry out their activities at high speed to have ready the clothing that is distributed in the 12 military regions in the country.

Around 2,000 T3E model field uniforms are made daily, which due to their camouflage print allows the soldier to blend in and “disguise” him with the environment.

Its design is innovative, it has two side bags, both on the legs and on the sleeves, which allows the item to have different compartments that can be used to place any of the objects they use. Likewise, the design is a broad uniform that allows you to carry out any type of operational activity.

The T3E uniform debuted in the 2022 Civic Military Parade, and this year it will return to the streets to commemorate the Independence of Mexico, as well as the 200 years of the emergence of the Heroic Military College.

“Making them is a matter of great pride for us, knowing that we are producing the uniform for our colleagues fills us with pride and satisfaction. And by wearing it, all of us soldiers feel extremely proud to belong to the Mexican army and to be able to fulfill and support the Mexican population,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jesús Granados Landeros, chief of engineering at FAVE.

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