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February 5: How much pay do I get if I work that day?

He February 5th commemorates the promulgation of the Mexican Constitution, but is it a mandatory holiday? And how much should they pay me if I work that day?

Is February 5th mandatory rest?

Article 74 of the Federal Labor Law clearly establishes that February 5 is designated as a mandatory day of rest, thus inaugurating the first official long weekend of the year. This provision offers workers the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved rest and commemorate an event of historical relevance for Mexico.

How should they pay you if you work on February 5?

In addition, Mexican labor legislation states that on this day workers and employers will determine the number of workers who must provide their services and therefore make the corresponding payment for the service provided on a mandatory day of rest in Mexico: double payment, regardless of payment for mandatory rest.

What is celebrated on February 5?

The date goes back to February 5, 1917, when the current version of the Political Constitution was promulgated, published that same day in the Official Gazette of the Federation. The Constitution came into force in May of that year, marking a momentous milestone in the country’s history.

Every year, on February 5, this civic anniversary known as Mexican Constitution Day is celebrated, and in 2024, 107 years will be commemorated since the promulgation of the document.

In fact, the LFT states verbatim that “the first Monday in February is a mandatory day of rest in commemoration of February 5.” Although this year, the commemoration day falls on a Monday.

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