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Femicide of Ana María. This is how they remember the young woman who dreamed of being a cardiologist

Ana Mariaa young woman 18 years what I wanted to be cardiologistwas allegedly murdered by her ex-partner in her own home located in the municipality of Atizapán in the State of Mexico.

According to reports, the alleged feminicide of Ana María, Allan “N” has already been arrested. The young woman’s relatives fear that he will be released and retaliate against them.

“Although the ex-boyfriend is detained – still in the preliminary stages of the process – not only took my daughter away from us but also our freedom and tranquility. We cannot return to our house and those who were nearby that day, we fear for our integrity“, he mentioned Ximena Cespedesmother of the victim in a video posted on social networks.

In said material, Ximena Céspedes recalled that Ana María was a medical student and I was only 2 months into the race.which took a lot of work to get into.

“I was barely 18 years old and had a whole life ahead of me. Her dream was to be a cardiologist“, he mentioned.

Furthermore, he added that the young woman “was a girl, in every sense of the word, wonderful” and “He touched every heart he came across.”

“Witness of this are the hundreds of people who have been present at various events and means to fire her“added the mother of the 18-year-old girl.

Meanwhile, his uncle Jose Manuel Restrepoformer Minister of Finance of Colombia, highlighted the qualities with which Ana María enjoyed every day.

“Ana María deserved to live many years, to be a cardiologist, to eventually have a family and to radiate her intelligence, creativity, vivacity, joy and love. We will always remember you with love and affectionNana,” Restrepo added.

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