GlobalFestival Arre consumes the power of regional Mexican music to unite generations

Festival Arre consumes the power of regional Mexican music to unite generations

Ines Amarelo

Mexico City, Sep 10 (EFE).- The Arre Festival demonstrates this weekend in Mexico City the power of regional Mexican music, which is experiencing a moment of international success, to unite different generations and not let the tradition – sometimes with elements of renewal – dies.

Thousands of people, most of them wearing hats, gather this weekend at this event, the first of its kind to bring together many of the current artists of this genre that is taking over the top spots on the global charts, such as Natanael Cano, Peso Pluma, Marca MP, DannyLux, Alicia Villarreal, Los Cadetes de Linares or Caballo Dorado.

An ambitious poster that achieved a massive festival full of diverse environments and spaces, such as a dance area, ranch-themed props, three stages and multiple attitudes that connected through the love of Mexico, its music and its traditions.

“It is a very successful festival,” Adriana, who attended the event with her husband Ricardo, both from the northern state of Durango but settled in Mexico, commented in an interview with EFE. They said it was difficult for them to choose which concerts to go to within the festival. for having such a complete poster.

Ricardo assured that watching Dannylux, a 19-year-old corrido tumbados singer, he realized that the success of corridos tumbados lies in the fact that “they sing to the younger generations” using themes that connect more with the youngest but using sounds of banda music, traditional corridos or sierreño.

“That’s also why I like it, that’s how we (people from different generations of his family) come together to be able to listen to the same music, not me reggaeton and them banda,” Kimberly, 20, told EFE, who said that the Saturday what I wanted was to see Natanael Cano, the creator of the corridos tumbados, one of the reference figures for young Mexicans.

New life to regional music

Furthermore, Cano was in charge, along with others, of giving new life to regional Mexican music, which is very diverse and is experiencing a moment of splendor thanks to the renewal.

Darío and Camilo, 15 and 14 years old respectively, decided to come to the festival to enjoy their idols and assured EFE that, although they had gone to more festivals, this time they were especially excited to see Cano.

So do Jared and Emilio, 21 and 20 years old. “It was because of Nata (Natanael Cano) that I started to get a taste for this musical genre,” said Emilio.

Artists like Cano, Peso Pluma, Gabito Ballesteros, Justin Morales or Yahritza y Su Esencia, all very young, represent the idea that with work you can achieve your goals.

“(Cano) identifies us as Mexicans. “He started from the bottom, he was a student and in the classroom he was writing his songs,” said Jared, and Emilio agreed with him: “He inspires us to give him the effort, he gave it a real effort and now he is at the top.”

Adriana and Ricardo said that, although they had their favorites like Caballo Dorado or Alicia Villarreal, they enjoy listening to other proposals.

And that is the spirit that the Arre Festival has by bringing together the great exponents of the Mexican regional, a diverse genre that encompasses numerous styles, thus giving the public the possibility of discovering new artists and being surprised.

This is the case of Hugo, 30 years old, who told EFE that “he wanted to live firsthand the experience of this music that is taking the reins of the musical world and is representing Mexico.”

Despite not being a big fan of the event’s headliners until then, he said he understood the positive thing about such young people playing at such a big festival: “They inspire new generations to create what they want to create.”

After a massive Saturday, the final touch is expected this Sunday with a midnight concert by the singer Peso Pluma, a mass idol who has managed to bring Mexico to multiple places in the world through his music. EFE



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