GlobalFive tips to take into account this Cybermonday

Five tips to take into account this Cybermonday

Juarez City.- The discount hours continue on Cybermonday, as every year, the offers capture the attention of thousands of Juarenses and El Pasoans interested in purchasing the best products at the lowest cost. So that you can also benefit from the discounts and anticipate your gifts or Christmas purchases, here we leave you five tips to take into account this Cybermonday.

• Make a shopping list: Cyber ​​Monday deals are some of the juiciest all year, so it’s easy to get lost in the euphoria and make impulsive purchases that will bring with them unnecessary expenses. To prevent this from happening, there are You have to stay focused on a certain number of products you want to purchase and stick to it.

• Have a budget: It is the best way to avoid excesses and debts, since it is important to keep in mind that the Christmas holidays, the end of the year and the January slope are coming, so spending only the right amount on this event will be enough to benefit from the offers without damaging your pocket.

• Check the shipping conditions: on some occasions, these conditions imply an extra payment for shipping or express shipping costs. It is important to carefully read the shipping types offered for the product and determine which one best suits your budget and needs.

• Ensure the reliability of the site: Amazon, Mercado Libre and Ebay are some of the most trusted online stores in recent years, but time has positioned other pages in the sights of buyers, some with excellent prestige, but others with lax or almost non-existent regulations that allow scammers to commit crimes cleanly through their platforms. To avoid a bad moment, verify that the website where you will make your purchase has the recognition of online buyers through the reviews available on the web.

• Deal only with trusted distributors: both Amazon and Mercado Libre and other online stores provide information about the person or company that sells the product, so you can check reviews from other buyers to make sure it is a trusted person. Confidence and experience in digital sales.

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