LifestyleFlight Attendant Shares 'Super Helpful' Travel Tip for Solo Travelers

Flight Attendant Shares ‘Super Helpful’ Travel Tip for Solo Travelers

A flight attendant recommends hotel guests throw a bottle under the bed when entering their room to make sure no one is hiding.

Esther Sturrus, who works for Dutch airline KLM and posts travel-related videos on her TikTok account, shared the advice as part of a video on solo travel tips.

Tourists run the risk of encountering intruders, especially if they stay on the ground floor or in rooms easily accessible from the outside.

According to his video, if you make sure the bottle comes out the other side of the bed, you can “easily check that no one is under the bed, without having to look.”

The video also offers tips for storing toiletries, “dry” cleaning clothes using steam from the shower, and removing steam from the bathroom mirror.

Another video, in which he details the first thing he does when he enters his hotel room, was published in October 2022 and has almost 39 million views. Tips include locking the door, closing the curtains, and setting the air conditioning.

Many TikTok users have praised the tips. “It had never occurred to me that there could be someone under the bed,” one commented.

One user called the tips “super helpful,” while another added that “flight attendants are real geniuses when it comes to travel advice.”

Sturrus was also in the news in April for sharing his top 10 travel tips, one of which was to leave a shoe in the safe.

“That way, you’ll never forget anything in your safe. You will realize when you want to go out that you are missing a shoe,” she explained at the time.

However, not all travel tips have been well received on the networks. In March, TikTok user NDA shared a trick where he buys three refundable tickets in the same line and returns them less than an hour before takeoff, getting an entire line to himself. At the time, the recommendation raised mixed opinions. On the one hand, many thought that the ruse would not work, due to overbooking on flights, and on the other hand, users described the trick as unethical.

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