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For the first time, America did not support Israel in United Nation Security Council – International news in Hindi – For the first time, Israel did not get America’s support, removed from voting in UNSC; Russia is also different, foreign news

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America, which supports Israel on every front, parted ways for the first time on the resolution against it in the United Nations. A resolution demanding a halt to the war for humanitarian aid in Gaza has been passed by the United Nations Security Council. This proposal was supported by 10 permanent and 10 temporary members and no one opposed it. Whereas Israel’s strong supporters America, Britain and Russia remained absent from voting on this. It is also interesting that America and Russia, who usually follow different paths or are in opposing camps, were seen together this time.

The UN Security Council resolution states that a corridor should be created for humanitarian aid in Gaza. This war should be stopped and people should get necessary help. During the presentation of this resolution, America also raised questions on not condemning Hamas, but was absent when it came to voting. Linda Thomas Greenfield, US representative to the UN, said, ‘We are surprised that many council members have not even condemned the terrorist attack by Hamas. Hamas launched a barbaric attack on Israel on October 7, only after that it is attacking in defense.

Israel committed the biggest war crime? What is the meaning of the attack on the hospital?

Linda Thomas said that our appeal to the United Nations will continue that everyone unanimously condemns the attack by Hamas. America said that we condemn this resolution because nothing was said about Hamas in it. The UK also said that it is sad that Hamas has not been criticized in this resolution. Although Britain also said that we want that innocent lives should not be lost, but Hamas should also have been condemned. Russia gave a different reason for abstaining from voting.

Russia told why it also abstained from voting like America

Russia’s representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, said that this resolution does not propose to stop the war immediately. That’s why we don’t have support. Russia said that for any kind of humanitarian assistance to take place, it is necessary that the war be stopped immediately. In fact, the resolution does not call for immediate stopping of the war, rather it has been said that the war should be stopped for a humanitarian resolution. Apart from this, an appeal has also been made not to stop essential services in Gaza Strip.

Israel said- 10 meetings in 6 weeks, but UNSC silent on Hamas

However, Israel has rejected this proposal outright. Israeli representative Brett Jonathan Miller said that the UNSC resolution is beyond reality. He said that although Israel has been appealed to in this proposal, there is silence regarding Hamas. Israel said that this resolution does not talk about terrorist organizations at all. Not only this, raising questions on the UNSC itself, Israel said that the Council has held 10 meetings in the last 6 weeks, but not even once said anything about Hamas.

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