TechnologyFormer Apple executives launch AI pin that can call, translate and record

Former Apple executives launch AI pin that can call, translate and record

A new device aims to be the new milestone in global communications, and not only because of its size, but because of the actions it performs. It is a pin that can even project text, so that a user can see the palm of his hand.

The Ai pin was created by the company Humane, and uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to record audio, video and even respond to certain commands. The device was created by Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, former Apple executives.

The peculiar thing about this pin is that it does not have a screen. It is a small white device similar to a battery that has a video camera and its power button. The pin can be easily clipped onto clothing and its creators hope it will be a personal AI assistant for its users.

The price of the pin is $699 dollars. However, the device that can easily be clipped to clothing requires a $24 monthly subscription. The technology it occupies depends on the software developed by OpenAI AI Lab popularly known as ChatGPT (GPT-4).

Its operation is, in appearance, very simple. With just a touch, users can make calls, send messages, take photos or videos, and even translate communications simultaneously. Just as users do with ChatGPT, you can ask any question, and the system offers one or more possible answers.

As if it were an episode of the series Black Mirror, the pin has the ability to make estimates through its camera. If activated, a packaging of a product can be shown and you can estimate how many calories it may have. The company clarified that both the microphone and the camera only work when activated by the user.

The Humane Ai pin does not require pairing with any other device; In addition, it has a telephone number from the T-Mobile company, hence an extra monthly cost.

When you purchase the device, which measures 47.5 millimeters long by 44.5 millimeters wide, it comes with a battery charger and two amplifiers.

Pre-sale for the Humane pin will begin on November 16.

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