PoliticsFormer Univision president calls Trump interview “propaganda”

Former Univision president calls Trump interview “propaganda”

The former president of Univisión joins the growing criticism against the Hispanic network after Donald Trump participated in an incisive interview.

Journalists from the network, which has offices in the U.S. and merged with a Mexican media giant in 2022, became embroiled in a discussion about the outlet’s ability to cover the 2024 presidential race adequately. fair and precise. The debate arose after Trump gave an interview to Enrique Acevedo, which aired a little over a week ago. During the meeting, the former president did not have to face any difficult questions about his criminal proceedings or his political position, and he made unsubstantiated comments about immigration issues. Meanwhile, Acevedo avoided refuting them precisely.

The controversy has grown in recent days, since prominent personalities of Latin origin, such as comedian John Leguizamo, called for a boycott of the network.

On Monday, the situation worsened when the network’s former president, Joaquin Blaya, called the incident shameful during an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

“It was not an interview as we understand it in the US. It was, basically, a one-hour advertising space for former President Trump to say whatever he wanted,” said Blaya.

“It was Mexican-style news coverage, a repudiation of the concept of keeping business and news separate,” he continued. “What I saw was a practice game. They left the ball in front of the goal, ready to score a goal. “I think it was a shame.”

The network’s executive staff addressed part of the situation in a note sent to U.S. headquarters, according to reports. Washington Post, but it is clear that they have done little to quell the external reaction. According to said outlet, the issue will be addressed by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in a letter addressed to the network in the coming days.

Trump remains the favorite for the Republican nomination. Polls indicate that he currently enjoys the support of the vast majority of the Republican Party electorate.

However, his legal problems continue to worsen and it seems increasingly likely that he will face criminal proceedings (or even more than one) during next year’s elections. The former president, indicted twice by Congress, has four criminal accusations and more than 90 charges of serious crimes.

Those competing against Trump for the GOP nomination, such as Chris Christie and Ron DeSantis, have complained that the former president is not taking the process seriously, since he did not attend a series of Republican primary debates over the summer. and autumn.

Despite all this, the lack of airtime does not appear to affect Trump’s standing in the polls.

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