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Frente Amplio designates Santiago Taboada as the sole pre-candidate for the head of Government of CDMX

MEXICO CITY (apro).- Santiago Taboada, mayor with a license from Benito Juárez, was designated as the sole pre-candidate of the opposition made up of PAN, PRI and PRD to run for the head of Government of Mexico City.

The decision was announced in a statement published after 11 pm on Friday on the official PAN account on the X network, to which an image of the leaders Marko Cortés, Alejandro “Alito” Moreno and Jesús was attached Zambrano.

The PAN member “is considered a pre-candidate of the Coalition Va X Mexico City for the Head of Government,” the Frente Amplio por México reported in a statement.

In this way, the aspirations of Adrián Ruvalcaba, PRI mayor of Cuajimalpa, and Luis Cházaro, coordinator of the PRD in the Chamber of Deputies, were left behind.

In the afternoon, Ruvalcaba offered a press conference in which he demanded that he be granted endorsement to participate in the internal process, when there were already reports that an agreement would be reached so that Taboada would be the sole candidate.

The origin of the registration of Taboada, Ruvalcaba and Cházaro was scheduled to be confirmed this Friday, but according to the PRI, the national leaders had decided to postpone the definition of the candidates until next Tuesday.

“And if we do not participate in an open process and guarantees are not granted, we would undoubtedly be significantly damaging the credibility of society,” warned Ruvalcaba.

The notice

In the context of selecting the candidate for Head of Government of Mexico City, the coalition made up of the National Action, Institutional Revolutionary and Democratic Revolution parties announced its resolution in three points:

  1. In accordance with the corresponding call, the governing body of the coalition determined that only one of the candidates achieved the consensus of the three members of that body to be considered a pre-candidate.
  2. Citizen Santiago Taboada Cortina received the support of all the members of the governing body and, therefore, is considered a pre-candidate of the Va X Mexico City Coalition for the Head of Government.
  3. The result of the deliberations will be communicated to the National Action Party so that the selection procedure can continue under its statutory order, as well as to the leaders of the Institutional Revolutionary and Democratic Revolution parties, for the corresponding legal effects.

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