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From the submissive to the active citizen: Mexico requires the participation of everyone

In January 2008, with the idea that at the beginning of the year many make or make resolutions to improve for the year that begins, I published a column in this space where I suggested some possible purposes for citizens. We tend, in editorial spaces like this, on social networks or among friends, to focus on what someone else, a mayor, governor, politician or president, should do differently and We often forget that the changes and improvements that society needs can also come from small changes in behavior and customs among us citizens.

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For this reason, I would like to insist, although it is already February, 16 years later, and considering that it is an election year, that We can do more to improve as citizens, sometimes very simple things, and thus put the sample to those who in theory represent or govern us. Let’s look in the mirror from time to time instead of waiting for this or that politician or policy to change our lives without us adjusting anything on our side. The following lines reflect the main idea of ​​that 2008 column, when Calderon He was president, before the deep crisis of 2009, before the PAN returned power to the PRI and the PRI, in turn, handed it over to AMLO on a silver platter.

In my case, my purpose from my activity as a “quasi-editorialist” is to seek to be more objective (it sounds easy, but it surely is not, since no one checks the objectivity of these paragraphs before they are published) and purposeful when I touch on topics. It’s not a guarantee, but I’m going to pay attention to this. However, As citizens committed to the development of Mexico, what could we propose?

We don’t have to be very sophisticated. You can start with things as simple as being more aware of where our rights end and those of others begin. In the aisles of the supermarket, in the classrooms or on the streets and sidewalks, there is surely a lot we can do for respecting the rights of others and defining how far ours go. Without a doubt, it is at the municipal level where the actions of citizens are most noticeable. If we could review the 2 or 3 most important regulations of the municipality where we live, we will surely find 2 or 3 areas where we can improve our behavior.

It occurs to me to think about not parking in double rows, not polluting, wearing a seat belt, using turn signals, respecting pedestrian crossings if we are drivers, using pedestrian crossings and bridges if we are pedestrians, being aware about driving in an inconvenient state or tired, secure children with a belt and/or special seat in cars. The road and pedestrian part covers a large part of our daily activities and that is where perhaps we can make the most difference. As you can see, It sounds so simple and obvious that we could all fulfill some of these resolutions, and if we already do, maintain compliance.

We can add some complexity if we elevate it to the level of consumers, which, in one way or another, we all are. It would be good, I think, to propose moving from submissive and frequently mistreated consumers to active consumers. that identify their rights and demand that the products and services they pay for are in line with the consumer’s expectations. As long as, as consumers (or for that matter, as citizens) we are left, bowed down and submissive, our counterpart, the one who provides a service, sells a product or governs us, will not take us into account. Proposing to demand more for what we pay is not too much to ask. It should be normal, and yet we see that it is something that is rarely done (out of fear, laziness or lack of interest).

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However, as we will demand, perhaps we can be able to identify our responsibilities, especially when it comes to living in community. Whether paying the neighborhood fee or the property tax, it is necessary to recognize that we have to put something in and not just take out. There will always be “free riders” or remoras, who live at the expense of others. Let’s try not to be one of them. We must do our bit and that will allow us to demand with more moral authority.

Finally, Let us not tolerate others deciding for us. We must participate if we want to be part of a society. We cannot keep our opinion forever. Let’s vote, raise our hands and ask, point out, criticize, make proposals to the candidate who is not our preference, but also to the one with whom we identify. Let’s not stay silent and little by little it will be noticed, if more and more people do it. Eventually, there will be so many of us who think that someone will have to listen to us, they will have no other choice. This could be our greatest purpose, to seek and achieve being heard and cared for… as we deserve.


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