GlobalFront corrects platform failures after 5 days of problems

Front corrects platform failures after 5 days of problems

With a new model, the organizing committee finally corrected the flaws that the digital platform had presented for five days since it started to collect the signatures of supporters with which they will support the nomination of the 12 applicants to build the Broad Front for Mexico.

After the failures presented since its presentation on July 12, which led to the complaint of eight opposition presidential candidates, the tool was renewed and subjected to “technological surgery” to simplify the process and respond more fluently.

Through a brief statement, the organizing committee assured that the interest of citizens in being part of their process to choose who will lead the project in the 2024 elections “has been very great.”

“The hundreds of thousands of requests led us to improve the procedure. As of today (Monday), the registration will be on the platform and to grant sympathy to the applicants it is more agile and it is being regularized ”, she assured.

The members indicated that for those who have managed to complete their registration before, it will not be necessary to do so again.

They specified that those who have tried to register before this Monday and could not complete it, must wait for the steps to follow to be indicated.

For those who live abroad, the indication is to register based on the federal entity in which they were born.

The former director of the Federal Register of Voters of the IFE -now INE- and member of the organizing committee of the Broad Front, Juan Manuel Herrero, commented, without providing details, that they held a long session to address the issue.

He also assured that since July 12, the day the platform was presented, they have worked on it, even last weekend, so that the website works properly.

In various exercises carried out by La Razón this Monday, it was confirmed that the site was already operating regularly.

At night, Gabriel España, leader of Civil Society Mexico, commented during a Space on the Twitter platform, that the problem was caused by the low capacity that the servers showed to respond to the high demand for registered registrations since it was launched. Broad Front website.

“After a hasty start in the launch of the platform to register the sympathies of the candidates, the truth is that a major technological surgery had to be carried out in order to speed up the number of registrations because a bottleneck was created.

“The demand was much higher than what had been contemplated and the capacity of the servers was increased. There is an opportunity to process 30,000 applications at the same time; It sounds simple, but it is not and that is thanks to the efforts of the technical team”, he commented.

While the flaws were being resolved, the candidate for the PRI, Enrique de la Madrid, called on his supporters to register on the platform that he presented a week ago, in order to gather support from citizens.

“I know that the platform has given problems. Surely it has to do with, like all things, it requires a period of maturation; I know that a group of people are going to meet today to analyze the situation and in the meantime I invite them to join my personal group, ”she commented, through a video that he shared on his social networks.

The former Secretary of Tourism also commented that, from the registration on his website, a guide will be provided on what should be done before the platform of the Broad Front for Mexico, once it works correctly.

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