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Full Moon in Gemini: These are the things you should do on these energetic days

According to astrologers, on November 27 the Full Moon will be in the sign of Gemini. The “astral configuration” proposed by some scholars of the subject will be ideal to take advantage of the moments of energy that will arise.

The lunar calendar provided by the magazine Vogue Mexico and Latin America, prepared by the so-called “Sisters of the Moon” known as Lieke and Jetteke Lexmond, reveal that the natural satellite of our planet brings us a “powerful teaching.”

The Full Moon in Gemini will allow us to “understand things from a better position, or see things from a broader perspective,” details the expert in stars and healing methods, Nour Pellé, known as Nour Param Devi, according to the same source.

As if it were an end-of-year balance sheet, experts recommend organizing your teachings and giving yourself time to socialize with loved ones. In this way, according to them, the transit will be easier in a stage in which the Moon will create “tense energies.”

In this article, we share with you some of the advice from astrologers that you should do when the Full Moon is this November 27:

Reflect on your concerns: It is necessary to get rid of everything that prevents us from advancing in our personal, professional and spiritual lives. To start 2024 more smoothly, it is worth understanding that everything in this life is a process and that restarting is not an omen of regression.

Living with family and friendss: The sign of Gemini finds its great guide through communication. Because of this, it is a good time to exchange ideas, thoughts and feelings with the people around you. Only then will you understand that empathy is the best way to live with the outside world. This will bring great learnings.

Calm the storm within: According to Nour Pellé, “many planetary forces will be at play during the Full Moon,” so it is best to calm any possible ‘demons’ that are plaguing our daily activities. The recommendation is to create activities that can promote fun and a healthy environment.

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