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Gaza War: In light of the tension in relations with Israel.. What pressure cards does Egypt have to stop the war? – . .

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Comment on the photo, Israeli forces took control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing on May 7

  • Author, Hisham Al-Mayani – Yasmine Faraj
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On May 7, Israeli tanks entered the Philadelphia axis on the Egyptian border until the gate of the Rafah land crossing, carrying the Israeli flag a few meters away from the Egyptian flag on the other side, to meet.

This scene transformed the relationship between Egypt and Israel from a tense relationship marred by some blame and including Egypt’s role as a mediator in the truce agreement and as a party whose security might be affected at the same time, to mutual accusations and a sharper tone, and even escalatory measures from the Egyptian side, and reports of the impact of the peace agreement between the two countries, which It is the cornerstone of their relationship for about 50 years.

After Israel took control of the crossing and closed it on May 7, Egypt refused to coordinate with it to reopen it, and stopped the entry of aid trucks through the Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings.

This is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered “taking Palestinians hostage inside Rafah,” if some reports indicated Israel’s request to operate the crossing under the supervision of its soldiers to bring in aid.

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