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GeForce Now on the Steam Deck is easier to install: here’s the new method

We installed GeForce Now on a Steam Deck using the new method provided by Nvidia. This makes this possibility much simpler to implement, and therefore more attractive.

Nvidia offers a new method of installing GeForce Now on Steam Deck.

Until now, using Nvidia’s streaming video game service on Valve’s console has been a long and complex process. The company with the green logo has considerably simplified installation by offering a script for download that will do everything for you.

This script loads:

  • install Google Chrome;
  • to add the settings that needed to be modified by hand before;
  • to add a shortcut to GeForce Now on Steam.

How to Install GeForce Now on Steam Deck (New Method)

To install GeForce Now, here is the procedure to follow:

  • launch your Steam Deck in desktop mode;
  • open a browser and go to the GeForce Now application installation page;
  • scroll down and look for “Steam Deck (BETA)”. Click “Get started” and download;
  • go to downloads and unzip the file;
  • go to the GeForceNOW_Setup file and click on the file of the same name inside. Choose “Execute”.
  • press Yes. And voila.

Return to Steam Deck Game Mode. In the “non-steam” collection, a new shortcut to GeForce Now must have appeared. Before launching it, if you are on an external screen, remember to set the application to the definition of your external screen.

All you have to do is connect to the service and enjoy it. Small subtlety: since it is not a native application, but rather a launch via browser, you cannot play above 60 FPS.

Does this work well?

We tested GeForce Now on a Steam Deck docked with a mouse, as well as mobile in controller mode. Docked mode seems to work well in plug-and-play. For the controller version, we had to fight harder and even had to give up on certain games.

Be careful, on some titles in which the options are activated by pressing “esc”, you will have to keep it pressed, because the “esc” button on the Chrome browser will tend, at first, to take you out of full screen mode.

That being said, as long as you have access to your friends’ libraries thanks to the Steam Family beta option, or even a PC Game Pass subscription, you can play a wide range of games in 1440p with all graphics settings pushed to the maximum. And this, on a machine only equipped with an AMD APU in Zen 2. The option is attractive.

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